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Christmas Dinners and Parties at Tarryall River Ranch!

Dec 1, 2012 - Dec 22, 2012 time depends on groups

Tarryall River Ranch, Lake George, CO
Hold your Christmas Dinner or party at Tarryall River Ranch near Lake George, Colorado! Looking for a delicious Christmas dinner or fun party for your extended family or group in a picturesque setting? Tarryall River Ranch is the perfect place and setting to make your Christmas dinner or party this year truly special and memorable. Reserve the evening, day, or cabins for a night! Enjoy Horseback riding, hayride, and quality time with friends or family next to a crackling fire and traditionally decked out Christmas tree! We are flexible and willing to tailor to your specific needs. Call or email today for details and to set up your special Christmas event with us: 719-748-1214 or
Kody Tesch - 719-748-1214