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Widefield Community Center Summer Theatre presents "Hydrangea Albright: Comedy or Tragedy?"

Date(s): 7/18/2014, 7/19/2014, 7/25/2014, 7/26/2014

7:00 PM- 9:30 PM

Janitell Jr High School, 7635 Fountain Mesa Road, Fountain CO 80817
Come see the Widefield Community Center Summer Theatre group present "Hydrangea Albright: Comedy or Tragedy?" ... A theatre accidentally hires two different playwrights to write a play about Hydrangea Albright, a young girl whose family is cursed with bad luck. One playwright sees her story as a tragedy filled with disappointment and sadness, while the other playwright sees Hydrangea's story as a whimsical comedy in which failure leads to new opportunity. The two playwrights argue, duel with their pens and even rewrite each other's scenes. Laughing all the way, we learn that there's more than one way to react to an unfortunate series of events.
The show begins at 7pm at Janitell Jr. High School. Tickets can be pre-purchased at the Widefield Community Center or at the door.
Widefield Community Center, 719-391-3515

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