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City of Angels

Event Dates and Times

5/1/2014 - Starts: 7:00 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
5/2/2014 - Starts: 7:00 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
5/3/2014 - Starts: 7:00 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
Liberty High School 8720 Scarborough Dr.
A disillusioned crime novelist adapts his latest novel into a screenplay as his marriage falls apart. At the same time, we see the adventures of his detective, presented as if in a black-and-white film. The detective has a way with women but is forever haunted by the one who got away, in this musical spoof of film noir crime movies and Hollywood's treatment of writers.
Liberty High School (719) 234-2200

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