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Creative Art

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Creative Art with Joni Ware Level: Ages 4 – 6
We will be exploring a pastel sunflower picture on dark paper the first week, using Van Gogh's sunflower painting as an example. The second week, we will enjoy a stamping painting where we will paint, freehand, a dark brown or black branch and when it is dry, we will use the bottom of a soda bottle to stamp "blossoms" along the branch. The third week, we will tackle a crayon crackle painting. We color an image on white paper, crumple it up, lay it out flat, cover with a layer of watered down paint, then paint will go into the crevices and give the effect of a crackled surface. When dry, we will do a coat of white glue to make it glisten! Tuition: $40.00 Tues. 4 – 5:30pm Apr. 2 - 16
3 weeks
Limit 8 min Room 312
SHEPPARD ART INSTITUTE www.sheppardartinstitute.org

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