Workout Wednesday - Anytime Boot Camp

By: Stacia Naquin Email
By: Stacia Naquin Email

Want to get a great workout that doesn’t take a lot of time or equipment? Try this boot camp and get a great calorie burn while adding variety to your routine. The idea is that you alternate from cardio to resistance throughout the training. This way you keep your heart rate up to maximize your calorie burn while still getting a balanced, total body workout.

Your cardio exercises can be either thirty seconds or a minute, depending on how in shape you are. Your resistance exercises can be made up of a variety of different muscle groups to create that total body workout. Depending on your fitness level, you can have your resistance exercises be counted by repetitions or by time. If you go by repetitions, Jerod recommends keeping them high, such as 15 to 25.

Remember, you are going to be alternating from cardio to resistance training, so plan your exercises out. Plan to have variety, so your body can benefit completely.

Here is an example of how this boot camp would look:

1. Cardio – Jumping jacks for 60 seconds

2. Resistance – Squat, curl to overhead press –This exercise works the whole body at once. Stand with a pair of weights in your hands at your sides. Lower your body down to squat position. As you rise up, curl the weights with your arms. Once you are back in the standing position, raise the weight over your head. Lower the weight back down to your sides and repeat.

3. Cardio – Squat thrusts (or Burpies as they are also known) for 30 to 60 seconds

4. Resistance – Spiderman pushups- This looks like a regular pushup at the start, but when you lower yourself, you bring one leg up by your side. Bring it back down as you rise back up and then alternate. Have a goal of 20 plus, but if you are not there yet, just do as many as you can.

5. Cardio – Ice skaters for 30 to 60 seconds – Hop from side to side from one leg to the other. Make your opposite hand touch the opposite foot as you land.

6. Resistance – Plank position rows – Place your body face down in the pushup position while holding on to weights. Have your feet Shoulder width apart. Keep your body straight as you raise one arm to your side. Try to keep your hips from twisting during the lift. Lower the weight and alternate sides.

7. Cardio – Tuck jumps for 30 to 60 seconds (I would be very impressed if you could keep this up for 60 seconds!) Jump up as high as you can while tucking your legs underneath you. Be sure to land softly when returning to the floor.

8. Resistance – Standing lateral raise – Have a pair of weights at your sides. Maintain good posture and keep your belly drawn in. Raise your arms up to your sides, but do not let them go above your shoulders. Slowly lower your arms back down without letting your arms rest, and repeat.

9. Cardio – Alternating, high knee touches for 30 to 60 seconds – Stand with your arms at 90 degrees at the elbow. Have your hands palms down. Raise one knee to touch your hand. Lower your leg, and alternate sides.

10. Resistance – Reverse lunges – Stand up straight. Depending on your fitness level, you can do this with or without weight. Step back with one leg a good distance. Lower your body without letting your knee touch the ground. Maintain proper posture and return to standing. Alternate legs.

This style of workout can possibly be advanced for some. Be sure to consult with your physician before attempting any vigorous exercise. To learn how to progress your body in a safe a proper manner, contact Jerod at 24 Hour Fitness, 719-244-9532. He can give you a free consultation to see where you are regarding your fitness level, and what it will take to reach your goals.

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