Workout Wednesday - October 21, 2009

Gliding Disc Workout:

Cardio exercises that will raise your heart rate:

- Speed Skating-Place a gliding disc/paper plate under each foot, bend the knees and push one leg to the side at a time as if you were skating on ice. You may go slow or speed it up to increase your heart rate.
Quick Squats side to side-with a disc under each foot and feet hip-width apart, slowly slide the right leg to the side and squat. Push against the floor as you slide your leg back in. You may do 8 on each side or alternate sides.

Jumping Jacks-With the gliding discs under your feet jump both legs out, land with bent knees (half squat) and place your heels on the ground as a break then jump pulling the legs together (again landing with bent knees).

Lunges Back-Slide one leg back at a time, dropping the back knee toward the floor. Resist against the floor as you pull it back. Again, you may alternate legs or do 8 on each side.

Twist-Get your Chubby Checker on and just have fun twisting! You may vary your level and/or how far apart your legs are as you twist.
Quick lateral sliding side to side-Pretend as if you were galloping laterally. Slide to the right and pull the left leg in quickly. Do the same thing going left. This is fun to do for longer distances. Keep the knees soft, using your inner and outer thighs as you glide along.

Leg Exercises:

Many of these exercises are done like the cardio ones listed above just at a much slower pace.

Squats-With the gliding disc/paper plates under your feet (remembering to keep your heels off the back edge for braking) slide the right leg out to the side and bend your knees, squatting as low as you are comfortable squatting. Press against the floor as you pull the right leg back to the center, again squatting. Repeat with the left leg.

Lunges-Place the left leg on a disc with the heel touching the floor, slide the right leg back so that you are in a lunge position. Try to drop the right knee to the floor. Squeeze the leg and glute muscles as you pull the right leg in to starting position. Repeat using your right leg to stabilize and your left leg to lunge back.

Squat with a side leg lift-Follow the instructions to the squat above but add a side leg lift after you glide out to a wide-stance squat. Slide the right leg out, squat, lift the right leg off the disc, hold, place it back on the disc and slide back to starting position. Repeat using the left leg.
Lunge with a rear glute squeeze-Support yourself with the left leg, slide the right leg back into a lunge position, lift the right leg (squeezing the glute), place foot back on the disc and slide leg back to starting position. Repeat using the other leg.

Squat, bring legs together then raise one knee

It’s important to keep your heels off the back end of the disc for your “braking system”.

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