Wasson Basketball Refuses To Go Quietly

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Providing special memories and ten state championships in sports, Wasson high school has a winning tradition. The boys basketball team has plans to rally the students, faculty, and community in making one last run to a state championship.

"My plan was to come here and rebuild the prestige of Wasson high school," said Wasson head coach Damion Copeland. "Wasson was always a school that had a lot of pride and prestige and it kind of diminished over the years. That was my mission statement I wanted to come here and rebuild that for the community and for these young men who participate in the sport."

The Thunderbirds are ranked in the top ten of 4A boys basketball teams in the state of Colorado. Although there are teams higher in the rankings they say no team is more motivated to win.

"we've got a lot of people behind us and it just motivates us. We love it and we get a lot of energy out of it," said Wasson junior Abi Young.

"the whole community is behind our back and now we aren't just playing for ourselves, but our whole community. We want to make everyone proud and bring that state ring back," said Richie Perea a Wasson senior.

Wasson Senior DJ Hanes said "I've felt it too. We've had big crowds come to support us. We didn't have that in the past so it's good to have that kind of support."

Wasson hopes to extend their season through the state championship game. Looming in the off-season is the uncertainty of where their head coach will end up and even what school some of their players will head to next year.

"I'm not sure. I haven't heard anything about it. I just go to practice everyday. One day at a time until we reach our goal," said Copeland.

"it's crossed my mind, but i try not to think about it. I'm just worried about the ultimate goal right now and that's to win a state championship," said Young.

Despite the uneasy feeling of what's to come in the future the Thunderbirds are focused on what they can control.
That's inspiring those around them and making a bid for a state championship ring.

"We're not worried about Wasson high school closing or anything we're just focused on basketball and what's ahead of us," Hanes said.

Abi Young says he is focused on the now. "We're taking it one day at a time. One game at a time, but the ultimate goal in the end is to go to the state, win a championship, and bring it home for our community."

Coach Copeland says he and his team are determined "No matter what happens. Even though they closed the school. The school is closing, but they can't shut us down. We're definitely going to keep striving for our goal."