Tracy's stunt-filled summer includes another run at Pikes Peak

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A six time Hill Climb champion, Greg Tracy is no stranger to Pikes Peak.

"It's a magical place. It has to be the most epic race in the world," Tracy said. "You have every combination. You never know what's going to come around the corner."

Tracy was also a regular top 15 finisher in the AMA Supermoto Championship. And although racing is in his heart, it's the adrenaline that pumps through his veins that keeps him going.

"If you don't risk something in life, you risk everything. That's something I've said before and I whole heartedly believe that," Tracy said.

And it's that motto that now has Greg doing stunt work on a regular basis. He's worked in films such as Fast and the Furious, The Italian Job, The Bourne Ultimatum and Avengers.

But the stunt at the top of his list he did this summer at the X-Games in Los Angeles.

"It's been pretty special. There's more stuff to cmoe. I've got all sorts of crazy things to come in the next year," Tracy said.

But the one place that consistantly challenges Tracy is the annual Race to the Clouds.

"You've got to push your envelope," Tracy said. "And for me Pikes Peak, that's what it is."

And on Sunday morning Tracy will challenge the mountian for the 16th time in his career.