Switchbacks FC Unveil their Logo

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Colorado Springs, Colo. - The Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC unveiled their first logo this evening limiting out on available space at the Ivywild School Gymnasium with 250 fans. The evening was filled with the Switchbacks new song "Switchback Attack”, hype video, motion graphics, song, and chants from the COS Colonials.

The Switchbacks crest has it’s roots in the Colorado Springs Flag emblem with the hexagon shape and sunburst behind the soccer ball. The entire movement of the mark represents the switchbacks movement which is defined by the club as a sudden change of direction. The hexagon border stops short of making final terminations in order to allow the shape of an “S”. Mountain peaks are subtly referenced on the top and bottom of the mark. The five vertical red lines represent the five Colorado Springs military bases. The cross fluery represents the term “believe” to the club.

“Colorado Springs has been needing a professional soccer team for a long time” said Dick Burns, a long time Colorado Springs soccer enthusiast and referee. “When the US Soccer Federation left town (around 1990), there was a huge hole in professional soccer in the region.” The unveiling of the logo begins to add more substance to the recent announcement that the Switchbacks would enter the league in 2015.

A pixelated 1989 ESPN World Cup video showed the US Mens National Team, on which Head Coach Steve Trittschuh played, winning the qualifying match in Trinidad and Tobago which was the first time in 40 years the US made the first cut. “Our new logo and the developments with USL Pro in the Springs show that the sport of soccer continues to grow in the US and hasn’t looked back from the 1989 as has qualified every World Cup since."

The Switchbacks are continuing to role out their “Wind Up” program for success in 2015. Upcoming events include festivals, World Cup matches, concerts, and clinics in the areas surrounding COS. One thing that continues to be a prime focus, according to Martin Ragain, club owner, is that we "continue to tell and advance the story of soccer in new and exciting ways” and the Switchbacks have finished writing another page in chapter 1 of their franchise story.