Several Southern Colorado Wrestlers Claim State Title

Here are the full results for the 2013 CHSAA State Wrestling Tournament courtesy of

106-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Trent Watson of Coronado
2nd Place - Anthony Garza of Greeley West
3rd Place - Ryan Deakin of Legacy
4th Place - Tomas Gutierrez of Pomona
5th Place - Frank Martinez of Chaparral
6th Place - Anthony Cortez of Horizon
1st Place Match
Trent Watson (Coronado) 47-0, So. over Anthony Garza (Greeley West) 39-6, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place Match
Ryan Deakin (Legacy) 38-10, Fr. over Tomas Gutierrez (Pomona) 36-9, Fr. (SV-1 7-2).
5th Place Match
Frank Martinez (Chaparral) 37-8, So. over Anthony Cortez (Horizon) 39-6, Jr. (Pin 3:44).

113-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Jess Hankin of Coronado
2nd Place - Kyndall Rutz of Thunderridge
3rd Place - Kade Snider of Ponderosa
4th Place - Travis Torres of Pomona
5th Place - Maurisio Garcia of Northglenn
6th Place - Isaac Arellano of Ralston Valley
1st Place Match
Jess Hankin (Coronado) 38-7, So. over Kyndall Rutz (Thunderridge) 42-2, Sr. (Dec 6-2).
3rd Place Match
Kade Snider (Ponderosa) 36-11, So. over Travis Torres (Pomona) 37-6, So. (Dec 8-3).
5th Place Match
Maurisio Garcia (Northglenn) 39-9, So. over Isaac Arellano (Ralston Valley) 33-12, Sr. (Pin 1:40).

120-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Mitch Finesilver of Cherry Creek
2nd Place - Adrian Cordova of Coronado
3rd Place - Joshua Rosales of Pomona
4th Place - Jerry Trujillo of Arvada West
5th Place - Keaton Reed of Chaparral
6th Place - Adrian Delacruz of Greeley West
1st Place Match
Mitch Finesilver (Cherry Creek) 44-2, Jr. over Adrian Cordova (Coronado) 30-3, Sr. (Dec 3-0).
3rd Place Match
Joshua Rosales (Pomona) 37-11, Jr. over Jerry Trujillo (Arvada West) 37-10, Sr. (Dec 5-3).
5th Place Match
Keaton Reed (Chaparral) 39-9, Sr. over Adrian Delacruz (Greeley West) 37-5, Jr. (Dec 11-9).

126-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Emilio Martinez of Greeley West
2nd Place - Danny Murphy of Rocky Mountain
3rd Place - Payton Tawater of Arvada West
4th Place - Zach Finesilver of Cherry Creek
5th Place - Devan Cruz of Coronado
6th Place - Lucas Vagher of Pomona
1st Place Match
Emilio Martinez (Greeley West) 24-0, Sr. over Danny Murphy (Rocky Mountain) 34-11, So. (Dec 7-2).
3rd Place Match
Payton Tawater (Arvada West) 34-5, So. over Zach Finesilver (Cherry Creek) 41-3, Jr. (Dec 5-2).
5th Place Match
Devan Cruz (Coronado) 40-7, Sr. over Lucas Vagher (Pomona) 25-13, Sr. (Dec 6-4).

132-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - P T Garcia of Bear Creek
2nd Place - Devon Zavala of Denver East
3rd Place - Raymond Robledo of Pomona
4th Place - Shederick Boyd of Greeley West
5th Place - Jake Thayer of Chatfield
6th Place - Bennie Pachello of Arvada West
1st Place Match
P T Garcia (Bear Creek) 39-2, Jr. over Devon Zavala (Denver East) 43-4, Sr. (Dec 10-5).
3rd Place Match
Raymond Robledo (Pomona) 42-8, Sr. over Shederick Boyd (Greeley West) 40-8, Sr. (Dec 1-0).
5th Place Match
Jake Thayer (Chatfield) 43-10, Sr. over Bennie Pachello (Arvada West) 17-9, So. (Dec 8-5).

138-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Geordan Martinez of Pine Creek
2nd Place - Austin Marvel of Pomona
3rd Place - Taylor Killion of Fossil Ridge
4th Place - Roman Ortiz of Rocky Mountain
5th Place - Taylor Bergquist of Arvada West
6th Place - Thaddeus Hayes of Doherty
1st Place Match
Geordan Martinez (Pine Creek) 43-0, Sr. over Austin Marvel (Pomona) 36-10, Sr. (Maj 10-0).
3rd Place Match
Taylor Killion (Fossil Ridge) 25-1, Sr. over Roman Ortiz (Rocky Mountain) 32-10, So. (Dec 1-0).
5th Place Match
Taylor Bergquist (Arvada West) 41-9, So. over Thaddeus Hayes (Doherty) 33-12, Sr. (Dec 8-2).

145-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Jacob Trujillo of Grand Junction
2nd Place - Isaac Rodriguez of Fruita Monument
3rd Place - Alec Wyatt of Prairie View
4th Place - Torry Williams of Ponderosa
5th Place - Rashawn Benford of Fountain-Ft. Carson
6th Place - Deyaun Trueblood of Gateway
1st Place Match
Jacob Trujillo (Grand Junction) 46-0, So. over Isaac Rodriguez (Fruita Monument) 28-6, So. (Dec 10-4).
3rd Place Match
Alec Wyatt (Prairie View) 35-3, So. over Torry Williams (Ponderosa) 30-12, Jr. (TB-1 6-3).
5th Place Match
Rashawn Benford (Fountain-Ft. Carson) 29-11, Jr. over Deyaun Trueblood (Gateway) 39-11, Fr. (Dec 9-8).

152-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Alex Smith of Pine Creek
2nd Place - Randy Boerner of Mountain Range
3rd Place - Kelton Good of Ponderosa
4th Place - Karl Breidenbach of Columbine
5th Place - Mason Harms of Cherry Creek
6th Place - Harley Korte of Cherokee Trail
1st Place Match
Alex Smith (Pine Creek) 40-5, Sr. over Randy Boerner (Mountain Range ) 47-2, Sr. (SV-1 3-1).
3rd Place Match
Kelton Good (Ponderosa) 33-11, Jr. over Karl Breidenbach (Columbine) 38-11, Jr. (Dec 6-5).
5th Place Match
Mason Harms (Cherry Creek) 31-11, Jr. over Harley Korte (Cherokee Trail) 34-14, Jr. (Dec 10-5).

160-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Archie Colgan of Pomona
2nd Place - Austen Lindsay of Fossil Ridge
3rd Place - Connor Casady of Legacy
4th Place - Jordan Brown of Grandview
5th Place - TJ Campbell of Pine Creek
6th Place - Tanner Olson of Ponderosa
1st Place Match
Archie Colgan (Pomona) 39-4, Sr. over Austen Lindsay (Fossil Ridge) 37-5, Sr. (Dec 7-6).
3rd Place Match
Connor Casady (Legacy) 44-7, Sr. over Jordan Brown (Grandview) 41-10, Sr. (Maj 11-1).
5th Place Match
TJ Campbell (Pine Creek) 23-13, Jr. over Tanner Olson (Ponderosa) 17-11, So. (Dec 10-5).

170-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Dylan Gabel of Ponderosa
2nd Place - David Chitwood of Horizon
3rd Place - Tony Silva-Bussey of Arvada West
4th Place - Colton Fries of Legend
5th Place - Jacob Seely of Fruita Monument
6th Place - Dalton Riba of Fossil Ridge
1st Place Match
Dylan Gabel (Ponderosa) 41-5, Jr. over David Chitwood (Horizon) 33-5, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
3rd Place Match
Tony Silva-Bussey (Arvada West) 35-7, Jr. over Colton Fries (Legend) 26-4, Sr. (Pin 2:24).
5th Place Match
Jacob Seely (Fruita Monument) 42-6, So. over Dalton Riba (Fossil Ridge) 28-16, Sr. (Maj 17-4).

182-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Corry Williams of Ponderosa
2nd Place - Joel Hernandez of Brighton
3rd Place - Dalton Weis of Loveland
4th Place - Jack Lindsay of Douglas County
5th Place - Ricky Mahan of Doherty
6th Place - Javier Alonso of Overland
1st Place Match
Corry Williams (Ponderosa) 34-4, Sr. over Joel Hernandez (Brighton) 36-4, Sr. (Dec 7-1).
3rd Place Match
Dalton Weis (Loveland) 38-7, Sr. over Jack Lindsay (Douglas County) 38-9, Sr. (Dec 2-0).
5th Place Match
Ricky Mahan (Doherty) 34-9, Sr. over Javier Alonso (Overland) 40-10, Sr. (Dec 12-6).

195-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Grant Neal of Regis Jesuit
2nd Place - Payton Tapia of Fossil Ridge
3rd Place - Joey Garcia of Lakewood
4th Place - Tracy Hancock of Fountain-Ft. Carson
5th Place - Sam Smith of Coronado
6th Place - Corky Phillips of Bear Creek
1st Place Match
Grant Neal (Regis Jesuit) 41-3, Jr. over Payton Tapia (Fossil Ridge) 34-4, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place Match
Joey Garcia (Lakewood) 44-5, Sr. over Tracy Hancock (Fountain-Ft. Carson) 30-3, So. (SV-1 4-2).
5th Place Match
Sam Smith (Coronado) 25-14, Jr. over Corky Phillips (Bear Creek) 34-12, Sr. (Dec 4-1).

220-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Brian Mayberry of Columbine
2nd Place - Amer Tipura of Overland
3rd Place - Jakob Buys of Ralston Valley
4th Place - Nick Debruyn of Lakewood
5th Place - Skyler McWee of Legacy
6th Place - Dexter Bess of Smoky Hill
1st Place Match
Brian Mayberry (Columbine) 29-1, Sr. over Amer Tipura (Overland) 42-2, Sr. (SV-1 3-1).
3rd Place Match
Jakob Buys (Ralston Valley) 17-7, Sr. over Nick Debruyn (Lakewood) 39-7, Jr. (FF).
5th Place Match
Skyler McWee (Legacy) 31-5, Sr. over Dexter Bess (Smoky Hill) 29-11, Jr. (Dec 4-3).

285-5A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Austin Waterman of Greeley West
2nd Place - Tony Martinez of Rocky Mountain
3rd Place - Dane Drimmer of Chaparral
4th Place - Mike Howshar of Eaglecrest
5th Place - Jorge Rodriguez of Mountain Range
6th Place - Josh Vigil-Harrison of Grandview
1st Place Match
Austin Waterman (Greeley West) 44-0, Sr. over Tony Martinez (Rocky Mountain) 29-7, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
3rd Place Match
Dane Drimmer (Chaparral) 38-7, So. over Mike Howshar (Eaglecrest) 36-8, Sr. (Pin 1:13).
5th Place Match
Jorge Rodriguez (Mountain Range ) 45-5, Jr. over Josh Vigil-Harrison (Grandview) 27-17, Fr. (Pin 1:38).

106-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Dalton Robertson of Weld Central High School
2nd Place - Sam Turner of Discovery Canyon
3rd Place - Darek Huff of Broomfield
4th Place - Vladyslav Kazakov of Thompson Valley
5th Place - Michael Ramirez of Pueblo South
6th Place - Clay Robinson of Niwot
1st Place Match
Dalton Robertson (Weld Central High School) 42-0, Fr. over Sam Turner (Discovery Canyon) 35-6, Fr. (Dec 11-9).
3rd Place Match
Darek Huff (Broomfield) 27-4, So. over Vladyslav Kazakov (Thompson Valley) 33-10, Fr. (Dec 5-1).
5th Place Match
Michael Ramirez (Pueblo South) 37-7, So. over Clay Robinson (Niwot) 36-9, So. (Dec 4-2).

113-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Joel Salomon of Windsor High School
2nd Place - Drew Romero of Broomfield
3rd Place - Collin Williams of Thompson Valley
4th Place - Brandon Gonzalez of Mesa Ridge
5th Place - Sage Budd of Mead
6th Place - Davis Baxter of Pueblo South
1st Place Match
Joel Salomon (Windsor High School) 48-2, Sr. over Drew Romero (Broomfield) 39-3, Sr. (Dec 4-2).
3rd Place Match
Collin Williams (Thompson Valley) 34-12, So. over Brandon Gonzalez (Mesa Ridge) 37-8, Sr. (Pin 4:25).
5th Place Match
Sage Budd (Mead) 36-7, So. over Davis Baxter (Pueblo South) 30-14, Jr. (Dec 5-1).

120-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - AJ Rees of Discovery Canyon
2nd Place - Marcus Martinez of Pueblo South
3rd Place - Gavril Houston of Elizabeth
4th Place - Aaron Carrera of Pueblo East
5th Place - Nick Wittrock of Summit
6th Place - Tylar Francis of Roosevelt
1st Place Match
AJ Rees (Discovery Canyon) 35-1, Sr. over Marcus Martinez (Pueblo South) 37-8, Jr. (Dec 11-5).
3rd Place Match
Gavril Houston (Elizabeth) 39-7, Jr. over Aaron Carrera (Pueblo East) 29-12, Jr. (SV-1 4-2).
5th Place Match
Nick Wittrock (Summit) 31-11, Jr. over Tylar Francis (Roosevelt) 27-12, Jr. (Dec 5-1).

126-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Dalton Hannigan of Palisade
2nd Place - Bobby Amond of Cheyenne Mountain
3rd Place - Layth Dieyleh of Thomas Jefferson
4th Place - Jimmy Fate of Berthoud
5th Place - Ian Wingstrom of Ft. Morgan
6th Place - Jacob Kay of Evergreen
1st Place Match
Dalton Hannigan (Palisade) 39-3, Jr. over Bobby Amond (Cheyenne Mountain) 30-6, Sr. (Maj 12-4).
3rd Place Match
Layth Dieyleh (Thomas Jefferson) 46-7, Sr. over Jimmy Fate (Berthoud) 32-6, Fr. (SV-1 6-4).
5th Place Match
Ian Wingstrom (Ft. Morgan) 40-5, Sr. over Jacob Kay (Evergreen) 39-9, Sr. (Maj 13-5).

132-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Isaac Naro of Pueblo South
2nd Place - Sonny Espinoza of Pueblo Central
3rd Place - Steve Turner of Discovery Canyon
4th Place - Travis Myers of Pueblo West
5th Place - Justin Ray of Palisade
6th Place - Tanner Williams of Thompson Valley
1st Place Match
Isaac Naro (Pueblo South) 28-5, Fr. over Sonny Espinoza (Pueblo Central) 35-2, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
3rd Place Match
Steve Turner (Discovery Canyon) 30-4, Sr. over Travis Myers (Pueblo West) 32-11, So. (Pin 3:26).
5th Place Match
Justin Ray (Palisade) 38-6, Sr. over Tanner Williams (Thompson Valley) 38-10, Sr. (Pin 0:56).

138-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Jace Lopez of Roosevelt
2nd Place - Ryan Daves of Montezuma-Cortez
3rd Place - Jacob Gerken of Ft. Morgan
4th Place - Joseph Sisneros of Mullen
5th Place - Parker Simington of Thompson Valley
6th Place - Hunter Shively of Conifer
1st Place Match
Jace Lopez (Roosevelt) 34-2, Sr. over Ryan Daves (Montezuma-Cortez) 38-1, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
3rd Place Match
Jacob Gerken (Ft. Morgan) 39-8, Sr. over Joseph Sisneros (Mullen) 37-7, Sr. (Pin 1:55).
5th Place Match
Parker Simington (Thompson Valley) 35-12, Fr. over Hunter Shively (Conifer) 22-13, Sr. (Dec 5-3).

145-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Phil Downing of Broomfield
2nd Place - Tyler Oberg of Discovery Canyon
3rd Place - Keenan Wyatt of Pueblo Central
4th Place - Chad Ellis of Berthoud
5th Place - Austin Zuniga of Pueblo South
6th Place - Dominique Hughes of Mesa Ridge
1st Place Match
Phil Downing (Broomfield) 37-2, Jr. over Tyler Oberg (Discovery Canyon) 37-6, Jr. (Maj 10-1).
3rd Place Match
Keenan Wyatt (Pueblo Central) 37-8, Jr. over Chad Ellis (Berthoud) 43-9, Fr. (Pin 4:29).
5th Place Match
Austin Zuniga (Pueblo South) 30-14, So. over Dominique Hughes (Mesa Ridge) 32-11, Jr. (Dec 7-4).

152-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Kennen Lanteri of Windsor High School
2nd Place - Cody Soulka of Falcon
3rd Place - John Holst of Valor Christian
4th Place - Keenan Willits of Pueblo County
5th Place - Jarod Albo of Broomfield
6th Place - Drake Greeott of Longmont
1st Place Match
Kennen Lanteri (Windsor High School) 46-7, Jr. over Cody Soulka (Falcon) 22-3, Sr. (Dec 5-3).
3rd Place Match
John Holst (Valor Christian) 40-5, Sr. over Keenan Willits (Pueblo County) 42-5, Jr. (Dec 6-5).
5th Place Match
Jarod Albo (Broomfield) 30-12, Jr. over Drake Greeott (Longmont) 31-9, Jr. (Pin 2:26).

160-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Francisco Marquez of Thompson Valley
2nd Place - Seager Oliver of Montezuma-Cortez
3rd Place - Kyle Soulka of Falcon
4th Place - Spencer Urban of Roosevelt
5th Place - Vinny Gonzales of Windsor High School
6th Place - Thomas Chisholm of Woodland Park
1st Place Match
Francisco Marquez (Thompson Valley) 42-3, Sr. over Seager Oliver (Montezuma-Cortez) 34-7, So. (Dec 7-2).
3rd Place Match
Kyle Soulka (Falcon) 26-9, Sr. over Spencer Urban (Roosevelt) 33-11, Sr. (Dec 4-2).
5th Place Match
Vinny Gonzales (Windsor High School) 46-10, Sr. over Thomas Chisholm (Woodland Park) 39-10, Sr. (Dec 8-7).

170-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Zach Stodden of Broomfield
2nd Place - Chaz Polson of Valor Christian
3rd Place - Adrian Mack of Discovery Canyon
4th Place - Caleb Cuneio of Air Academy
5th Place - Joseph Glenn of Lewis-Palmer
6th Place - Joseph Keller of Windsor High School
1st Place Match
Zach Stodden (Broomfield) 36-7, Jr. over Chaz Polson (Valor Christian) 40-3, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place Match
Adrian Mack (Discovery Canyon) 33-4, Jr. over Caleb Cuneio (Air Academy) 35-8, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
5th Place Match
Joseph Glenn (Lewis-Palmer) 25-11, Jr. over Joseph Keller (Windsor High School) 38-16, So. (Pin 4:05).

182-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Kyle Couch of Mead
2nd Place - Trenton Gustafson of Montezuma-Cortez
3rd Place - Josh Semmler of Roosevelt
4th Place - Ty LaFramboise of Eagle Valley
5th Place - Cosme Martinez of Windsor High School
6th Place - Jacob Hawthorne of Vista Ridge
1st Place Match
Kyle Couch (Mead) 44-1, Jr. over Trenton Gustafson (Montezuma-Cortez) 36-4, Sr. (Dec 4-2).
3rd Place Match
Josh Semmler (Roosevelt) 25-6, Sr. over Ty LaFramboise (Eagle Valley) 37-5, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
5th Place Match
Cosme Martinez (Windsor High School) 46-10, Sr. over Jacob Hawthorne (Vista Ridge) 34-9, Sr. (Maj 12-3).

195-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Garet Krohn of Arvada
2nd Place - David Traynor of Discovery Canyon
3rd Place - Logan Longworth of Weld Central High School
4th Place - John Lieder of Pueblo Centennial
5th Place - Demetrius Zissimos of Broomfield
6th Place - Jaime Ramos Vega of Longmont
1st Place Match
Garet Krohn (Arvada) 30-0, Sr. over David Traynor (Discovery Canyon) 34-7, Jr. (TF 24-9).
3rd Place Match
Logan Longworth (Weld Central High School) 42-7, Sr. over John Lieder (Pueblo Centennial) 35-7, Sr. (Pin 1:50).
5th Place Match
Demetrius Zissimos (Broomfield) 35-11, Jr. over Jaime Ramos Vega (Longmont) 24-9, Jr. (Dec 3-2).

220-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Andy Armstrong of Eagle Valley
2nd Place - Garrett Benell of Canon City
3rd Place - Evan Lancelot of Pueblo Central
4th Place - Connor Eakes of Broomfield
5th Place - Hunter Reinert of Pueblo South
6th Place - Damian Garcia of Pueblo Centennial
1st Place Match
Andy Armstrong (Eagle Valley) 40-0, Sr. over Garrett Benell (Canon City) 34-5, Jr. (Maj 14-3).
3rd Place Match
Evan Lancelot (Pueblo Central) 32-9, Jr. over Connor Eakes (Broomfield) 32-10, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
5th Place Match
Hunter Reinert (Pueblo South) 31-5, Sr. over Damian Garcia (Pueblo Centennial) 35-12, Sr. (Pin 2:01).

285-4A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Dakota Gulley of Golden
2nd Place - Robert Bishop-Cotner of Windsor High School
3rd Place - Tuli Laulu of Sand Creek
4th Place - Justin Petrash of Air Academy
5th Place - Jesus Casillas of Montrose
6th Place - Austin Harris of Broomfield
1st Place Match
Dakota Gulley (Golden) 34-2, Sr. over Robert Bishop-Cotner (Windsor High School) 34-9, Sr. (Pin 1:27).
3rd Place Match
Tuli Laulu (Sand Creek) 34-2, Sr. over Justin Petrash (Air Academy) 36-5, Jr. (Dec 1-0).
5th Place Match
Jesus Casillas (Montrose) 37-11, Jr. over Austin Harris (Broomfield) 32-13, Jr. (TB-1 4-2).

106-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Diondre Garcia of Monte Vista
2nd Place - Tel Kelley of Alamosa
3rd Place - Channing Lewis of Eaton
4th Place - Colby Duncan of Sterling
5th Place - Patrick Esparsen of Centauri
6th Place - Andrew Clark of Bennett
1st Place Match
Diondre Garcia (Monte Vista) 42-4, Jr. over Tel Kelley (Alamosa) 29-3, So. (Dec 7-6).
3rd Place Match
Channing Lewis (Eaton) 40-6, Sr. over Colby Duncan (Sterling) 30-7, Fr. (Maj 10-1).
5th Place Match
Patrick Esparsen (Centauri) 27-13, Fr. over Andrew Clark (Bennett) 47-17, So. (Dec 8-4).

113-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Conrad Cole of Brush
2nd Place - Ruben Lucero of Valley
3rd Place - Vincent Casados of Holy Family
4th Place - Austin Shank of Olathe
5th Place - Michael Johnson of Lamar
6th Place - Jordan Birch of The Classical Academy
1st Place Match
Conrad Cole (Brush) 43-2, So. over Ruben Lucero (Valley) 39-11, So. (Dec 6-5).
3rd Place Match
Vincent Casados (Holy Family) 35-8, So. over Austin Shank (Olathe) 34-6, So. (Dec 5-1).
5th Place Match
Michael Johnson (Lamar) 35-7, Fr. over Jordan Birch (The Classical Academy) 30-15, Sr. (Dec 6-3).

120-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Neff Malouff of Alamosa
2nd Place - Levi Maes of Sheridan
3rd Place - Julian Prieto of Holy Family
4th Place - Trenton Piatt of Olathe
5th Place - Hector Chagoya of Basalt
6th Place - Macky Sandoval of Brush
1st Place Match
Neff Malouff (Alamosa) 39-7, Sr. over Levi Maes (Sheridan) 44-3, Sr. (Dec 10-7).
3rd Place Match
Julian Prieto (Holy Family) 35-7, So. over Trenton Piatt (Olathe) 43-2, Jr. (I-D 3:00).
5th Place Match
Hector Chagoya (Basalt) 26-8, Jr. over Macky Sandoval (Brush) 30-14, So. (Dec 7-2).

126-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Aaron Cisneros of Jefferson
2nd Place - Joseph Prieto of Holy Family
3rd Place - Colter McMenimen of Bayfield
4th Place - Dakota Macy of Fort Lupton
5th Place - Ethan Coombs of Centauri
6th Place - Ben Weakland of Valley
1st Place Match
Aaron Cisneros (Jefferson) 49-2, Sr. over Joseph Prieto (Holy Family) 37-8, So. (TF 18-1).
3rd Place Match
Colter McMenimen (Bayfield) 33-7, So. over Dakota Macy (Fort Lupton) 29-17, So. (Dec 8-3).
5th Place Match
Ethan Coombs (Centauri) 36-12, Sr. over Ben Weakland (Valley) 32-17, Sr. (Dec 6-3).

132-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Joshua Miller of Bennett
2nd Place - Jacob Solseth of Olathe
3rd Place - Kole Kelley of Alamosa
4th Place - Omar Sotelo of Valley
5th Place - Adam Visconti of Middle Park
6th Place - Alec Petterson of Brush
1st Place Match
Joshua Miller (Bennett) 46-4, Sr. over Jacob Solseth (Olathe) 30-5, Sr. (Dec 6-5).
3rd Place Match
Kole Kelley (Alamosa) 28-9, Sr. over Omar Sotelo (Valley) 29-10, Jr. (Dec 6-4).
5th Place Match
Adam Visconti (Middle Park) 39-10, Jr. over Alec Petterson (Brush) 29-9, So. (Dec 3-1).

138-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Andrew Register of The Classical Academy
2nd Place - Jesse Head of Hotchkiss
3rd Place - Joel Contreras of Sterling
4th Place - Jared Mestas of Dolores Huerta Preparatory
5th Place - Brandon Coleman of Salida
6th Place - Brandon Heredia of Alamosa
1st Place Match
Andrew Register (The Classical Academy) 35-5, Jr. over Jesse Head (Hotchkiss) 26-6, Sr. (Pin 3:59).
3rd Place Match
Joel Contreras (Sterling) 36-7, So. over Jared Mestas (Dolores Huerta Preparatory) 40-3, Jr. (Pin 2:24).
5th Place Match
Brandon Coleman (Salida) 40-4, Sr. over Brandon Heredia (Alamosa) 28-14, Sr. (Pin 4:45).

145-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Jason Buhr of Centauri
2nd Place - Joe Boyle of Hotchkiss
3rd Place - Dillon Vance of Alamosa
4th Place - John Pearce of Sheridan
5th Place - Anthony Mozal of Valley
6th Place - George Stagg of Grand Valley
1st Place Match
Jason Buhr (Centauri) 31-2, Jr. over Joe Boyle (Hotchkiss) 35-4, Sr. (Pin 1:40).
3rd Place Match
Dillon Vance (Alamosa) 29-13, Jr. over John Pearce (Sheridan) 34-14, Jr. (Dec 6-4).
5th Place Match
Anthony Mozal (Valley) 24-13, Sr. over George Stagg (Grand Valley) 30-16, Sr. (Dec 9-3).

152-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - John Lopez of Buena Vista
2nd Place - Scott Sandoval of Florence
3rd Place - Jackson Wright of Valley
4th Place - Elias Altimarano of La Junta
5th Place - Jake Morrow of Brush
6th Place - Julian Gallegos of Dolores Huerta Preparatory
1st Place Match
John Lopez (Buena Vista) 34-4, So. over Scott Sandoval (Florence) 44-10, Sr. (SV-1 4-2).
3rd Place Match
Jackson Wright (Valley) 31-9, Jr. over Elias Altimarano (La Junta) 41-8, Jr. (SV-1 6-4).
5th Place Match
Jake Morrow (Brush) 39-8, Sr. over Julian Gallegos (Dolores Huerta Preparatory) 32-11, So. (Dec 8-2).

160-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Micah Keys of Centauri
2nd Place - Taylor Maik of La Junta
3rd Place - Patrick Gore of Valley
4th Place - Hunter Bell of Bennett
5th Place - Austin Vance of Monte Vista
6th Place - Michael Salazar of Grand Valley
1st Place Match
Micah Keys (Centauri) 40-2, Sr. over Taylor Maik (La Junta) 40-3, Sr. (Pin 0:46).
3rd Place Match
Patrick Gore (Valley) 37-10, Sr. over Hunter Bell (Bennett) 40-11, Sr. (Dec 8-7).
5th Place Match
Austin Vance (Monte Vista) 32-8, Sr. over Michael Salazar (Grand Valley) 33-15, Sr. (Pin 3:40).

170-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Caleb Copeland of Bennett
2nd Place - Donaciano Vurciaga of Fort Lupton
3rd Place - Kyle Rosenbrock of Brush
4th Place - Lucas Chieppo of Ridge View
5th Place - Keegan Wentz of Buena Vista
6th Place - Bryan Hegwood of Grand Valley
1st Place Match
Caleb Copeland (Bennett) 48-1, Sr. over Donaciano Vurciaga (Fort Lupton) 38-8, Jr. (Dec 9-6).
3rd Place Match
Kyle Rosenbrock (Brush) 28-5, So. over Lucas Chieppo (Ridge View) 15-9, Jr. (Dec 4-3).
5th Place Match
Keegan Wentz (Buena Vista) 34-5, Fr. over Bryan Hegwood (Grand Valley) 28-12, Jr. (Dec 6-3).

182-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Jareb Aziz of Centauri
2nd Place - Gunner Robinson of Alamosa
3rd Place - Riley Jones of Eaton
4th Place - Koby Close of Buena Vista
5th Place - Kory Hudson of Bennett
6th Place - Cody Garrett of Middle Park
1st Place Match
Jareb Aziz (Centauri) 36-5, So. over Gunner Robinson (Alamosa) 17-2, Jr. (Pin 3:28).
3rd Place Match
Riley Jones (Eaton) 31-11, Jr. over Koby Close (Buena Vista) 36-3, Sr. (Dec 7-4).
5th Place Match
Kory Hudson (Bennett) 41-6, Jr. over Cody Garrett (Middle Park) 30-12, Sr. (Dec 4-0).

195-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Thane Smith of Salida
2nd Place - Nick Jones of Alamosa
3rd Place - Indiana Hooser of Platte Canyon
4th Place - Connor Jennings of Middle Park
5th Place - Austin Ramos of Valley
6th Place - Tanner Crist of Lamar
1st Place Match
Thane Smith (Salida) 40-0, Sr. over Nick Jones (Alamosa) 22-11, Sr. (Pin 1:32).
3rd Place Match
Indiana Hooser (Platte Canyon) 31-7, Sr. over Connor Jennings (Middle Park) 25-11, Sr. (Pin 2:10).
5th Place Match
Austin Ramos (Valley) 35-10, Sr. over Tanner Crist (Lamar) 31-10, So. (Maj 11-0).

220-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Dalton Shoop of Eaton
2nd Place - Justice Reddick of Platte Canyon
3rd Place - Jacob Ornelas of Fort Lupton
4th Place - Daniel Jansen of Holy Family
5th Place - Joe Carwin of Brush
6th Place - Jayce Montoya of Sheridan
1st Place Match
Dalton Shoop (Eaton) 35-4, Sr. over Justice Reddick (Platte Canyon) 19-6, Sr. (Pin 3:43).
3rd Place Match
Jacob Ornelas (Fort Lupton) 34-12, So. over Daniel Jansen (Holy Family) 26-11, Sr. (Pin 4:42).
5th Place Match
Joe Carwin (Brush) 40-7, So. over Jayce Montoya (Sheridan) 32-15, Jr. (Pin 2:20).

285-3A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Raul Rios of Platte Valley
2nd Place - Corby Wyett of Bennett
3rd Place - Jesse Lucero of Jefferson
4th Place - Hayden Bickel of La Junta
5th Place - Raymond Riggins of Trinidad
6th Place - Matt Eckstein of Bayfield
1st Place Match
Raul Rios (Platte Valley) 33-7, Sr. over Corby Wyett (Bennett) 43-5, Sr. (Dec 6-5).
3rd Place Match
Jesse Lucero (Jefferson) 41-7, Sr. over Hayden Bickel (La Junta) 31-14, Jr. (Pin 4:39).
5th Place Match
Raymond Riggins (Trinidad) 31-15, Sr. over Matt Eckstein (Bayfield) 29-10, Sr. (Pin 4:59).

106-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Cameron Ham of Custer County
2nd Place - Jakeob Trujillo of Highland
3rd Place - Talon Harris of Norwood
4th Place - Jeremy Fraser of Rocky Ford
5th Place - Logan Durham of Burlington
6th Place - Tanner Watson of Akron
1st Place Match
Cameron Ham (Custer County) 32-2, Sr. over Jakeob Trujillo (Highland) 38-8, Fr. (Dec 10-5).
3rd Place Match
Talon Harris (Norwood) 34-8, So. over Jeremy Fraser (Rocky Ford) 33-9, Fr. (Pin 2:22).
5th Place Match
Logan Durham (Burlington) 21-11, So. over Tanner Watson (Akron) 29-13, Fr. (Dec 6-0).

113-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Brandon Grasmick of Fowler
2nd Place - Austin Coy of Swink
3rd Place - Josh Altman of Paonia
4th Place - Marcelino Baptista of Merino
5th Place - Tristin Pelloni of Meeker
6th Place - Case Baughman of Dove Creek
1st Place Match
Brandon Grasmick (Fowler) 42-3, Sr. over Austin Coy (Swink) 21-1, So. (Dec 1-0).
3rd Place Match
Josh Altman (Paonia) 40-4, So. over Marcelino Baptista (Merino) 34-9, So. (Dec 7-0).
5th Place Match
Tristin Pelloni (Meeker) 34-6, So. over Case Baughman (Dove Creek) 36-13, Fr. (Maj 12-2).

120-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Jesse Reed of Paonia
2nd Place - Stetson Loader of Baca County
3rd Place - Aris Shino of Merino
4th Place - Dillon Pelkola of Peyton
5th Place - Jose Chavez of Center
6th Place - Aaron Aagesen of Yuma
1st Place Match
Jesse Reed (Paonia) 23-2, So. over Stetson Loader (Baca County) 33-4, Jr. (Dec 7-5).
3rd Place Match
Aris Shino (Merino) 42-4, Jr. over Dillon Pelkola (Peyton) 38-7, Sr. (Pin 3:39).
5th Place Match
Jose Chavez (Center) 38-9, Jr. over Aaron Aagesen (Yuma) 31-10, Sr. (Maj 9-1).

126-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Adam Baca of Rocky Ford
2nd Place - Bo Pipher of Paonia
3rd Place - Ramon Tarin of Wray
4th Place - J.D. Chenoweth of Baca County
5th Place - John Vigil of John Mall
6th Place - Noah Trujillo of Antonito
1st Place Match
Adam Baca (Rocky Ford) 31-0, Jr. over Bo Pipher (Paonia) 38-5, Fr. (Dec 5-2).
3rd Place Match
Ramon Tarin (Wray) 44-3, Sr. over J.D. Chenoweth (Baca County) 33-10, So. (Maj 11-0).
5th Place Match
John Vigil (John Mall) 32-10, Sr. over Noah Trujillo (Antonito) 25-11, Jr. (SV-1 2-0).

132-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Seth Harrington of Sedgwick County-Fleming
2nd Place - Cole Baughman of Dove Creek
3rd Place - Blake Denton of Swink
4th Place - Ryan Nordyke of Holly
5th Place - J.C. Henderson of Meeker
6th Place - Alex Tarin of Wray
1st Place Match
Seth Harrington (Sedgwick County-Fleming) 30-1, Jr. over Cole Baughman (Dove Creek) 41-3, Sr. (Dec 1-0).
3rd Place Match
Blake Denton (Swink) 38-8, So. over Ryan Nordyke (Holly) 36-7, So. (Dec 5-4).
5th Place Match
J.C. Henderson (Meeker) 24-11, Jr. over Alex Tarin (Wray) 34-12, Jr. (Dec 7-0).

138-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Kris Trujillo of Highland
2nd Place - W.D. Arnold of La Veta
3rd Place - Tyler Ebberts of Dove Creek
4th Place - Clay Seemann of Baca County
5th Place - Ricky Aragon of Rocky Ford
6th Place - Gunner Chesnik of Paonia
1st Place Match
Kris Trujillo (Highland) 47-1, Sr. over W.D. Arnold (La Veta) 30-5, Jr. (Maj 8-0).
3rd Place Match
Tyler Ebberts (Dove Creek) 35-9, Sr. over Clay Seemann (Baca County) 39-6, Sr. (Dec 6-1).
5th Place Match
Ricky Aragon (Rocky Ford) 36-9, Jr. over Gunner Chesnik (Paonia) 30-15, So. (Dec 2-1).

145-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - James Price of Highland
2nd Place - Wyatt Wade of Dolores
3rd Place - Jeremy Burke of Fowler
4th Place - Ty Coats of Paonia
5th Place - Levi Hottinger of Akron
6th Place - Brennan Pacheco of Del Norte
1st Place Match
James Price (Highland) 38-1, Sr. over Wyatt Wade (Dolores) 40-4, Sr. (Pin 1:09).
3rd Place Match
Jeremy Burke (Fowler) 33-4, Sr. over Ty Coats (Paonia) 32-13, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
Levi Hottinger (Akron) 29-7, Jr. over Brennan Pacheco (Del Norte) 24-7, Jr. (Dec 5-3).

152-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Shawn Beiriger of Del Norte
2nd Place - Tray Sickels of Nucla
3rd Place - Josh Baker of Merino
4th Place - Bryan Denton of Swink
5th Place - Chris Villalobos of Highland
6th Place - Aiden Stengel of Rocky Ford
1st Place Match
Shawn Beiriger (Del Norte) 43-0, Sr. over Tray Sickels (Nucla) 36-7, Sr. (Dec 6-2).
3rd Place Match
Josh Baker (Merino) 39-6, Sr. over Bryan Denton (Swink) 19-9, Sr. (Dec 1-0).
5th Place Match
Chris Villalobos (Highland) 32-16, Sr. over Aiden Stengel (Rocky Ford) 27-12, Sr. (Pin 1:40).

160-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - T.J. Shelton of Meeker
2nd Place - Austin McDonald of Del Norte
3rd Place - CJ Leonhardt of Yuma
4th Place - Jorge Quinonez of Paonia
5th Place - Taylor Weirich of Eads
6th Place - Colton Coombs of Rangley
1st Place Match
T.J. Shelton (Meeker) 33-6, Fr. over Austin McDonald (Del Norte) 38-2, Sr. (Dec 8-2).
3rd Place Match
CJ Leonhardt (Yuma) 33-9, Sr. over Jorge Quinonez (Paonia) 32-13, Sr. (Dec 10-4).
5th Place Match
Taylor Weirich (Eads) 39-2, Sr. over Colton Coombs (Rangley) 27-10, Sr. (Dec 15-10).

170-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Tharen Smith of Del Norte
2nd Place - Tyler Sharpe of Baca County
3rd Place - William Austin of Paonia
4th Place - Derrick Richard of North Park
5th Place - MC Griffin of Stratton
6th Place - Anthony Mendoza of Swink
1st Place Match
Tharen Smith (Del Norte) 36-4, Sr. over Tyler Sharpe (Baca County) 27-6, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place Match
William Austin (Paonia) 28-7, Jr. over Derrick Richard (North Park) 35-8, Sr. (Pin 1:28).
5th Place Match
MC Griffin (Stratton) 32-4, Jr. over Anthony Mendoza (Swink) 17-7, Sr. (Pin 2:17).

182-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Garret Walker of Wiggins
2nd Place - Mitch VanDuran of Sedgwick County-Fleming
3rd Place - Terrell Stafford of Baca County
4th Place - Ryan Domson of Hayden
5th Place - Morgan Reider of Paonia
6th Place - Luke Holmquist of Fowler
1st Place Match
Garret Walker (Wiggins) 34-3, Sr. over Mitch VanDuran (Sedgwick County-Fleming) 35-4, Sr. (TF 18-3).
3rd Place Match
Terrell Stafford (Baca County) 34-3, Sr. over Ryan Domson (Hayden) 13-2, Sr. (Maj 12-4).
5th Place Match
Morgan Reider (Paonia) 34-5, Sr. over Luke Holmquist (Fowler) 25-13, Sr. (Dec 7-0).

195-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Johnny Loflin of Baca County
2nd Place - Jesus Hermosillo of Holyoke
3rd Place - Zach Cooper of Stratton
4th Place - Tyler Kendall of Paonia
5th Place - Jonas Cure of Wray
6th Place - Jose Macias of Center
1st Place Match
Johnny Loflin (Baca County) 35-2, Jr. over Jesus Hermosillo (Holyoke) 39-6, Sr. (Dec 8-4).
3rd Place Match
Zach Cooper (Stratton) 36-10, Sr. over Tyler Kendall (Paonia) 30-6, Sr. (Dec 5-4).
5th Place Match
Jonas Cure (Wray) 17-8, Jr. over Jose Macias (Center) 14-5, Sr. (Dec 5-4).

220-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Justin Lenox of Eads
2nd Place - Truett Box of Cheyenne Wells
3rd Place - Dylan Kotch of Holyoke
4th Place - Joel Simianer of Paonia
5th Place - Zack Morgan of Sargent
6th Place - Theodore Zimmer of Highland
1st Place Match
Justin Lenox (Eads) 35-6, Sr. over Truett Box (Cheyenne Wells) 36-3, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
3rd Place Match
Dylan Kotch (Holyoke) 30-7, So. over Joel Simianer (Paonia) 30-12, So. (Pin 3:25).
5th Place Match
Zack Morgan (Sargent) 19-8, Sr. over Theodore Zimmer (Highland) 28-14, Jr. (Pin 2:43).

285-2A Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Keaton Sameshima of Highland
2nd Place - Tony Darling of Paonia
3rd Place - Reed Christensen of Akron
4th Place - Josh Johnson of Stratton
5th Place - Lane Venzke of Wiggins
6th Place - David Plute of Lyons
1st Place Match
Keaton Sameshima (Highland) 43-3, Sr. over Tony Darling (Paonia) 35-2, Jr. (Pin 5:31).
3rd Place Match
Reed Christensen (Akron) 32-7, Sr. over Josh Johnson (Stratton) 19-6, Sr. (Pin 0:29).
5th Place Match
Lane Venzke (Wiggins) 27-10, Sr. over David Plute (Lyons) 22-18, Sr. (Pin 1:39).

2A Team Results

Team Name Team Abbreviation Team Points
1. Paonia PAO 205.5
2. Highland HGH 148.0
3. Baca County BACO 130.0
4. Del Norte DNR 87.0
5. Dove Creek DVCK 83.5
6. Rocky Ford RFD 70.0
7. Sedgwick County-Fleming SCF 60.5
8. Meeker MEK 58.5
9. Swink SWK 56.0
10. Wray WRA 55.5
11. Holyoke HOL 55.0
12. Fowler FWL 54.0
13. Merino MER 52.0
14. Stratton ST 52.0
15. Akron AKR 50.0
16. Wiggins WIG 46.5
17. Eads EADS 44.0
18. Center CTR 35.0
19. Yuma YUM 34.0
20. Custer County CCO 33.0
21. Nucla NUC 29.0
22. Burlington BUR 27.0
23. Cheyenne Wells CHWL 26.0
24. Holly HO 24.5
25. North Park NPK 22.0
26. Norwood NOR 22.0
27. Peyton PYT 21.0
28. Dolores DOL 20.0
29. Hayden HAY 20.0
30. La Veta LV 20.0
31. Lyons LYN 19.0
32. Sargent SAR 15.0
33. John Mall JM 13.0
34. Rangley RNG 12.0
35. Kiowa KIO 11.0
36. Las Animas LA 8.0
37. Antonito ANT 7.0
38. West Grand WGR 7.0
39. Crowley County CRCO 6.0
40. Soroco SOR 4.0
41. Calhan CAL 3.0
42. Limon LMN 3.0
43. Centennial CE 2.0
44. Byers BY 0.0
45. Ignacio IGN 0.0
46. Lutheran-Parker LU 0.0
47. Manzanola MAN 0.0
48. Mountain Valley MU 0.0
49. Rye RYE 0.0

3A Team Results

1. Alamosa ALA 136.5
2. Bennett BEN 118.0
3. Centauri CEN 115.5
4. Valley VAL 108.0
5. Brush BRU 90.5
6. Holy Family HF 77.0
7. Eaton EAT 75.5
8. Fort Lupton FL 67.0
9. Olathe OLTH 63.0
10. Hotchkiss HOT 60.5
11. Jefferson JEF 55.5
12. Buena Vista BV 55.0
13. La Junta LJ 50.0
14. Salida SAL 50.0
15. Sheridan SHER 49.0
16. Monte Vista MO 47.5
17. Platte Canyon PC 44.0
18. Platte Valley PV 39.0
19. Dolores Huerta Preparatory DHP 38.5
20. Lamar LAM 37.0
21. Sterling STER 37.0
22. The Classical Academy TCA 36.5
23. Grand Valley GV 36.0
24. Middle Park MP 30.0
25. Bayfield BAY 29.0
26. Florence FLO 27.0
27. Trinidad TRIN 27.0
28. Ridge View RVW 19.5
29. Basalt BAS 17.0
30. Pagosa Springs PS 13.0
31. Ellicott ELL 12.0
32. Strasburg STR 11.0
33. Moffat County MCO 10.0
34. University UNV 10.0
35. Cedaredge CED 6.5
36. St. Mary`s Catholic STMC 4.0
37. Faith Christian FC 3.0
38. Lake County LCO 3.0
39. Manitou Springs MS 3.0
40. Gunnison GUN 2.5
41. Colorado Springs Christian CSC 2.0
42. Clear Creek CCK 0.0
43. Coal Ridge CR 0.0

4A Team Results

1. Broomfield BRM 140.5
2. Discovery Canyon DC 129.5
3. Windsor High School WND 129.0
4. Pueblo South PSO 95.0
5. Thompson Valley TVAL 87.0
6. Roosevelt ROSV 68.0
7. Pueblo Central PCNT 67.0
8. Montezuma-Cortez MTCZ 61.0
9. Golden GOLD 49.0
10. Eagle Valley EVL 44.0
11. Weld Central High School WELDC 44.0
12. Palisade PAL 40.5
13. Falcon FAL 40.0
14. Mead MEAD 39.0
15. Valor Christian VCRS 37.5
16. Air Academy AIR 37.0
17. Pueblo Centennial PU 37.0
18. Mesa Ridge MR 35.5
19. Berthoud BER 32.0
20. Arvada ARV 29.0
21. Ft. Morgan FTM 28.5
22. Longmont LONG 25.0
23. Cheyenne Mountain CM 24.0
24. Canon City CC 23.0
25. Thomas Jefferson TJEF 21.0
26. Elizabeth ELZ 20.5
27. Montrose MONT 19.0
28. Pueblo County PCO 19.0
29. Pueblo East PES 19.0
30. Mullen MUL 17.0
31. Sand Creek SCK 17.0
32. Pueblo West PWST 14.0
33. Erie Middle/Sr ERIE 13.0
34. Niwot NWT 13.0
35. Lewis-Palmer LP 12.0
36. Rifle RFL 11.5
37. Vista Ridge VR 11.5
38. Palmer Ridge PR 10.5
39. Durango DUR 9.0
40. Evergreen EVGR 9.0
41. Summit SUM 9.0
42. Woodland Park WDPK 9.0
43. Conifer CON 7.0
44. Mountain View HS MV 7.0
45. Greeley Central GC 5.0
46. Northridge High School NRDG 4.0
47. Delta DLTA 3.0
48. Frederick Middle/Senior HS FRED 2.0
49. Widefield WFLD 2.0
50. Denver South DNVS 0.0
51. Denver West DNVW 0.0
52. Glenwood Springs GLSP 0.0
53. Green Mountain GRMT 0.0
54. Harrison HAR 0.0
55. John F. Kennedy JFK 0.0
56. Mitchell MIT 0.0
57. Vista Peak VPK 0.0
58. Wheat Ridge WRDG 0.0

5A Team Results

1. Pomona PMNA 125.0
2. Ponderosa POND 107.5
3. Greeley West GRWS 103.5
4. Coronado CRND 91.5
5. Fossil Ridge FRDG 81.0
6. Pine Creek PINE 78.0
7. Rocky Mountain RKMT 67.0
8. Arvada West AW 65.5
9. Chaparral CHAP 57.5
10. Legacy LGCY 50.0
11. Cherry Creek CHCK 49.5
12. Fruita Monument FRMN 42.5
13. Lakewood LAKE 41.0
14. Mountain Range MTRG 40.0
15. Columbine CLMB 39.0
16. Ralston Valley RV 38.0
17. Fountain-Ft. Carson FOUN 37.0
18. Overland OVRL 33.0
19. Regis Jesuit RGSJ 33.0
20. Horizon HRZN 32.0
21. Bear Creek BCK 31.5
22. Grand Junction GJCT 31.5
23. Brighton BRGT 28.0
24. Grandview GRDV 28.0
25. Thunderridge THDR 26.0
26. Doherty DHRT 24.0
27. Prairie View PRVW 24.0
28. Douglas County DGCO 21.0
29. Eaglecrest EGLC 21.0
30. Denver East DNVE 19.0
31. Loveland LOVE 18.0
32. Northglenn NGLN 18.0
33. Cherokee Trail CHRK 17.0
34. Legend LGND 12.0
35. Smoky Hill SMKH 11.0
36. Gateway GATE 10.0
37. Central-Grand Junction CGJC 9.5
38. Chatfield CHAT 9.0
39. Abraham Lincoln ABLN 6.0
40. Fort Collins FTCL 6.0
41. Arapahoe ARAP 5.0
42. Montbello MNBL 3.0
43. Poudre PDRE 3.0
44. Castle View CSTV 2.0
45. Palmer PALM 2.0
46. Westminster WSTM 2.0
47. Adams City ADAM 1.0
48. Standley Lake STLK 1.0
49. Boulder BLDR 0.0
50. Heritage HRTG 0.0
51. Monarch MNRC 0.0
52. Mountain Vista MTVS 0.0
53. Rampart RMPT 0.0
54. Rock Canyon ROCK 0.0