Rhys Millen Sets PPIHC Record

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To finish on the same second within two-hundredths of a second of each other with both of us dealing with rain in the last sector. I pretty much gave it in and said the smart thing to do is to push for the class win, but we pushed so hard right up to sector. This is unbelievable!
I drove as hard as I could, the course was so slippery on the first three-quarters of the course, and I just pushed that little Hyundai Genesis as hard as we could. No warning lights, the engine ran flawlessly from the start and again to being slick to the finish on the rain and to beat such a world champion as the Porsche team, in Dumas. This is a victory, this is my biggest victory in the past 18 years on Pikes Peak.

You know, we came here and I guess, the day just kind of fell into our hands, with the upset of Paul Dallenbach crashing, good friend, I wish him the best, and the upset of Durant in the dacia, those were the two that we needed to beat on race day, and unfortunately they kind of took themselves out, and gifted us the win. But, you know we could of saved up for second and let Dumas have the win, but that’s not in my nature.
It is unbelievable right now!!
Me and my dad went over numbers yesterday and we added up all of our sectors and came up with a 9:21. With the sections that you don’t get to practice, I said a 9:41, we added 20 seconds which was a 9:41. The buffer of just knowing that things usually run hard on race day, I said 9:45. We literally gave up over 5 seconds in the rain, so as remained said the rain slowed it down, we could have gone quicker, but hey, it’s quick enough!
My previous best was last year in the Unlimited class at, I believe, a 10:07, we got second overall, and to bring a production car here, this is my drift car that we raced two weeks ago in Seattle and will be racing in two weeks in Las Vegas, and to potentially now today to win overall with a production car, it’s the first time that a production car has broke 11 minutes, we skipped 11 minutes and went straight into the nines.
This car is built for going sideways, not for going up a mountain!
We just competed against the best in the world, and we beat them.
We were running 30 seconds faster because there was no dirt, this car is rear wheel drive, and we’re running around 2 seconds a mile faster in general because we could stay with just a general time-max setup, not a compromised dirt or pavement setup. To come here during the week and lay down the times that we were doing, we were impressing ourselves. We had a mark today and we were one second off it, but we were in the rain, and again, to kind of beat the best in the world, this is for my team, I’m the team owner and the driver, my guys are awesome!
You know my dad said to me before he headed off, you play it smart and you got it.