Pack baseball team equipment stolen

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PUEBLO, Colo. ( – Feb. 19, 2014) – If the challenge of a 4-game set at undefeated and 10th-ranked Cal Baptist were not enough, the CSU-Pueblo ThunderWolf baseball team is now facing a new challenge after a thief or group of thieves broke into the team's locker room, storage area and coach's offices at Rawlings Field overnight on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.
The thief or thieves walked away with thousands of dollars worth of both team and personal equipment.
"This was a pretty severe theft," veteran head coach Stan Sanchez said about the case, which is being worked on in conjunction with the Pueblo County Sherriff's office.
"We're hoping that this news can raise some community awareness," Sanchez noted while encouraging the public to keep an eye out for the equipment, which could be attempted to be sold on the black-market. All of the gloves are marked, he noted.
A wide variety of equipment was taken including fielding gloves, batting gloves, bats, cleats, turf shoes, three sets of catcher's gear, the team's Under Armour dry fit shirts and practice shirts. Thirty-five dozen game balls and all 20 of the program's new dozen practice balls were taken as were game pants and equipment bags.
Personal belongings were also snagged as anything of value was taken from numerous player bags, including prescription sunglasses.
Other valuables such as shoes, a radar gun and brand new bats were also taken from the coach's offices.
"We're scrambling right now, Sanchez said as his team departs early Thursday morning for their 4-game series in Riverside, Calif., against the nation's 10th-ranked Lancers, which begins Thursday evening. "Luckily they didn't get our uniform tops."
Although the university's insurance policy should cover part of the cost of the team-provided equipment, Sanchez noted that this will take time. Additionally, it's worth noting that any of the player's personal belongings would not be covered by the university insurance policy.
Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact Lt. Bill Brown at the CSU-Pueblo branch of the sheriff's office at 719-549-2373.
The Pack program already received an unsolicited donation from a CSU-Pueblo professor to help cover the immediate needs. Others interested in helping the cause should contact Associate Athletic Director for Athletic Development Jeremy Capo at 719-549-2013.