Mays: Suspension won't change my style

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Denver Broncos linebacker Joe Mays says he's not going to change his style after getting suspended a game for a hit that sent Houston quarterback Matt Schaub's helmet and a piece of his ear flying.

Mays was also fined $50,000 but got to keep his $200,000-plus game check.

He immediately apologized to Schaub for the hit during the Texans' 31-25 win at Denver on Sept. 23, which Mays called unintentional. Schaub accepted his apology.

Mays said he appreciated the words of support last week from his coach, John Fox, and his teammates, who said Mays wasn't a dirty player but a hard-hitting, speedy linebacker who got caught in no man's land when Schaub ducked his head after releasing a pass with Mays bearing down on him.