Nuggets Mascot Says He's 'Feeling Better' After Friday's Scare

The image of the Denver Nuggets' mascot "Rocky" dangling lifelessly from a harness was a chilling sight at Friday night's game against Portland.

But thankfully, the man in the suit says he's doing fine and will be back in action soon.

Everything seemed normal during the pre-game introductions, right up until Rocky started being lowered from the rafters. It became clear within seconds that something was very wrong: no boisterous antics, just a costumed mountain lion slumped over in his harness.

The beloved mascot collapsed as soon as he got to the ground.

Sister station KCNC says the man in the suit got dizzy and passed out. He posted the following message on his Facebook page Saturday:

Good morning, #Nuggets Nation! I want you all to know I'm feeling much better - and I really appreciate all of your support.

I'm hoping to be back in action for the Spurs game on Nov. 5. Go Nuggets!