Broncos trying to make sense of loss

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UNDATED (AP) -- The intended target of Peyton Manning's last pass didn't sleep much after the game that unexpectedly halted Denver's season.

Brandon Stokley called it "a bad dream that keeps playing over and over."

Saturday's 38-35 loss to Baltimore goes down as one of the most crushing defeats in Broncos history, as much for when it came -- two games shy of the Super Bowl -- as the surreal way it came about.

It brought a sudden end to a season that, at times, seemed almost destined to wind up in New Orleans.

Manning fell to 9-11 for his career in playoff games, but otherwise had a near-career year -- throwing for 4,659 yards and 37 touchdowns, both second best in 14 healthy seasons.

But perhaps no player felt the loss as deeply as Champ Bailey, a 14-year veteran who's still never been to the Super Bowl.

He called the 2012 Broncos, "The best team that didn't do anything."