Air Force tennis coaches, players attend Arthur Ashe Kids Day at U.S. Open

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Air Force women's tennis head coach Kim Gidley, assistant coach Perry White and senior player Natasha Rizvi, along with sophomores Jocelyn Rudico, Lily Forlini and Chloe Forlini were all part of the Arthur Ashe Kid's Day at the U.S. Open today in New York, N.Y.

The event drew about 30,000 people. Over 550 volunteers play an important role with 15 active courts and grounds full of various activities and events. The volunteers are key to making the event a success.

This year, Gidley was named assistant court leader for Beat the Pro sponsored by Xerox. Wright also volunteered for the event along with former Air Force players Tasha Hueffner, Tagliatelle Smoke and Heather (Shelby) Gage.

The cadets paid their own way to volunteer for the event and worked on the 10 and under court. The event will be televised on Sunday on CBS.

"This is such a great event to be a part of. I am so proud of the players for their commitment to serve others," Gidley said. "Service before self" has definitely been demonstrated by these players and alumni
who payed their own way to travel to this event."