Air Academy High School Celebrates Banner Year

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"We are Air Academy"

Basektball State Champion
"I know we will never have a year like that ever again and it was just an experience in itself to be a part of that. And to have such a stron athletic class to share all these memories with. It is something we'll all remember for the rest of our lives."

Soccer State Champion
"It's a really great feeling you step out on the field and you want to do your best. You want to show you are coming from Colorado Springs and show the Denver schools that we can do this and we want to be there and win. It is a really great feeling.

Swimming State Champion
"It was always the Denver teams topping us and we were like... maybe we have a chance and then the Denver teams would take us down, but this year we were like... we can do this! It was an awesome feeling to be the underdogs coming from the bottom and showing them who's boss."

Soccer State Champion
"All the staff, the students, each team I know we would support lacrosse. When we won they played after us so hopefully they won. Basketball we obviously were great for them so everyone was just supporting eachother and hoping we could all win."

Basketball State Champion
"We're such a family. We all had eachother's back and everytime we went to play it was for eachother it is something I'm never going to forget."

Swimming State Champion
"As the senior group we really set them up to do great in the next few years and we're really going to push them our senior year to make sure they are prepared for the years to come and I really can't wait to see what they can do."