Cutler, Lynch Undergo MRI's

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The Denver Broncos sent safety John Lynch and quarterback Jay Cutler for MRIs on Monday. Lynch has a strained groin and Cutler a sprained ankle.

Lynch's injury appeared more serious, although coach Mike Shanahan didn't want to reveal much.

"He's having an MRI and we should find out later on today," Shanahan said.

Cutler didn't meet with the media following Denver's 23-14 loss to Jacksonville on Sunday because he was getting treatment for what the team termed a "mild ankle sprain."

He was also sent for further medical tests Monday.

"They wouldn't be having MRIs if they didn't think it was serious," Shanahan said.

Lynch left the game in the first quarter and didn't return, leading Shanahan to suggest the perennial Pro Bowler must really have been hurting. Lynch also was unavailable after the game.

“Anytime you lose a starter, that’s the nature of the game. You’re one play away from being a starter in this league, and when someone goes down like John, you’re expected to come in and play like John," Shanahan said Monday. "If they don’t, it’s not an excuse. That’s why there are 45 guys on the team, everybody goes through that situation.”

Cutler sprained an ankle when he was sacked in the waning minutes by Reggie Hayward but stayed in the game for the rest of that series and the next one, which ended with him throwing an interception that sealed Denver's defeat.

Shanahan said Cutler wasn't affected by the injury on that play because he stepped up in the pocket fine.

"He played well. He made a number of big plays stepping up in the pocket, scrambling in both directions," Shanahan said. "About the only bad play he made was the last play. He was trying to make a play there. In the future we probably would have gone inside instead of outside. You like guys that are trying to make plays all the time.”

Also, special teams ace Paul Smith went for an MRI exam on his neck after he pinched a nerve in the game.

Shanahan was sporting a puffy left eye himself Monday.

"When it's fourth-and-5 on your 9-yard line with four minutes left, you don't make it and you go home, and your wife hits you, this is what happens," he said, slipping off his shades to reveal a bloodshot, swollen left eye as he started his news briefing with reporters.

"No, I'm allergic to cats, really. It swelled up last night," he said. "So, you guys don't give me abuse about wearing my sunglasses."

At the end of his news conference, Shanahan stood up and showed off his shiner again.

"Just so you guys don't think I'm just trying to be cool. That's a legitimate injury," he said. "Just touching a cat did it to me -- not a Jaguar!"