Javon Walker talks about night Darrent Williams was killed

ENGLEWOOD – For the first time, Javon Walker is talking about the night his teammate Darrent Williams was shot to death.

In an interview to air August 14, Walker tells HBO's "Real Sports" that he still has the bloodied shirt from the night Williams died in his arms.

"It's just something that reminds me everyday of what could happen and this is what happened to my friend … what's left of him is on my clothes," Walker told correspondent Andrea Kremer.

Walker says he was turning up the music in their limo after leaving a nightclub January 1 when Williams suddenly fell into his lap. Walker says he pushed Williams away and told him to stop messing around. That is when he saw the blood coming from Williams' neck.

"All I remember at that point in time was he was just looking up at me and I was just like, 'I got you Dee, I got you Dee, I got you Dee,'" Walker told Kremer.

Walker also told Kremer he feared the shooters would come back and finish them off.

"You don't know what to think, to have somebody die in your arms and you know you're the last person he hugged," Walker said.

When asked why he did not attend Williams' funeral in Fort Worth, Walker said he did not attend "because all it was going to do was just bring back memories of something I didn't want to feel again."

No one has been charged in Williams' death.