Iverson loses lawsuit

WASHINGTON (AP) - A federal jury in Washington, DC has awarded $260,000 to one of two men who sued Denver Nuggets star Allen Iverson.

The jury's decision against Iverson and his bodyguard, Jason Kane, covers pain and suffering as well as medical bills.

The jury is expected to reconvene later Monday to consider punitive damages.

Marlin Godfrey and David Anthony Kittrell sued the Nuggets guard for $20 million after claiming they were beaten by his entourage in 2005, after refusing to vacate the VIP section for Iverson at a club.

The jury found Kane was liable for assaulting Godfrey. Iverson was found negligent for failing to supervise Kane.

The nine-member jury in US District Court deliberated for about 13 hours over three days before reaching its verdict.

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