Sky Sox Exec In Fair Condition After Fireworks Blast

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A minor-league baseball executive who was severely injured in a stadium fireworks explosion in Colorado Springs last month is in fair condition.

But 47-year-old Rai Henniger is still dealing with multiple skull fractures, and the loss of his left eye.

He's expected to remain at Denver Health Medical Center for at least two more weeks.

Monday, his wife got a chance to meet the people who may have saved her husband's life.

Two unsung heroes surprised Henniger's wife, Heather Henniger. She said words cannot describe how much these soliders mean to her and her family.

“It's not just from me. I have three children, 10, 7 and 5. You are heores to them and my husband would consider it an honor if you would come upstairs and see him when this is over, so he can thank you personally,” s he told them.

They were able to stabilize him until paramedics arrived. Heather said her husband doesn't remember anything about the accident.

Now he's aware of his surroundings and just started talking again.

“He has his good days and he has his bad days, but he has no intentions of giving up,” she said.

Henniger is a senior vice president for the AAA Colorado Springs Sky Sox who is licensed to handle fireworks. He was placing a commercial-grade shell into a cylinder before a May 11 game when an explosion occurred.

The team sets off fireworks after home runs and victories and on other occasions, but Sky Sox officials say most of that has been suspended until an investigation into the accident is complete.

The cause still hasn't been determined.

The Sky Sox are affiliated with the Colorado Rockies.