Landis finishes eighth in time trial

VAIL, Colo. (AP) Floyd Landis finished eighth in a time trial Sunday at the Teva Mountain Games, where he raced over the weekend for the first time since winning the Tour de France last year.

Landis was riding for charity, teaming with two other athletes in a four-part event that also included mountain biking, kayaking and running.

Landis combined with Tao Berman and Andy Ames to finish third in the team challenge and earn a $250 prize, which will go to Athletes For A Cure, a charitable organization that helps those with prostate cancer.

On Saturday, Landis rode in a mountain bike race and finished 49th in the overall field, though he was fifth among those in the team competition.

Landis tested positive for synthetic testosterone at last year's Tour de France and is awaiting a decision from an arbitration panel on whether the victory will stand. If the panel upholds the positive finding, Landis could forfeit his title and face a two-year ban from cycling.

In an interview Saturday with The Associated Press, Landis said he came to Vail to have fun and raise money and was happy to get back in a race, no matter the result.

``Right now, I'm in the, `Try your hardest and do the best you can' phase,'' Landis said, acknowledging he was still working himself back into shape after a 10-day layoff he took during the arbitration hearing last month.


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