KURTZ BLOG: MWC football is among the elite

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What else do they have to prove? I pose this question to all Mountain West doubters.

Last Saturday was just another feather in the cap of one of the top conferences in college football. BYU goes to Sooner country (and yes, Dallas is Sooners country) and pushes around a national title contender dominating from start to finish. I've heard all the excuses... Most commonly, that "quarterback Sam Bradford missed half of the game due to a shoulder injury." My retort... He was knocked out because the Cougars aggressive defense put a clean, hard hit on him that forced him towards the x-ray machine. Welcome to college football.... or better yet, welcome to Mountain West football! These guys can play.

The following day, Colorado State goes to Boulder and dominates Colorado. The Rams spanked a team that is expected to win 10 games this season (at least that's what the Buffs coach predicted).

These two big wins come on the heels of Utah's undefeated season and Sugar Bowl win over Alabama in January.

It's a joke that this conference continues to get shutout of an automatic BCS bid because of historic perceptions and biases. MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson lobbied congress this summer to get some help in cracking this injustice but made very little ground because college football is still run by elitists. Well guess what, the Mountain West Conference is now ELITE!, and they deserve to be rewarded as such.

BYU, TCU and Utah could all win the Big East, ACC and maybe the Big 10. They all could finish second in the PAC 10 (behind USC).

Isn't it time that we keep ignoring little brother? Because he's all grown up now. The Mountain West Conference is A MAN! (as Mike Gundy would say)... and according our country's Declaration of Independence, "all men are created equal." But apparently the law of our land isn't good enough for college football. They think they're above the law. But I assure you, most of college football isn't above the Mountain West Conference! It's time to reward this excellence with an automatic BCS berth.

Until next time, keep livin' the dream... Jesse Kurtz, KKTV Sports Anchor/Reporter