KURTZ BLOG: C. Springs Ranked #3 Sports-Obsessed Sports City in USA

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Attention Colorado Springs sports fans... You're passion is being felt across the nation.

Recently Men's Health Magazine ranked Colorado Springs the 3rd most-obsessed sports town in America.


It based its conclusion on ticket sales, apparel sales and television viewership (among other things too). I have had the pleasure of living and/or working in some great sports towns in my television career but I concur with Men's Health... Colorado Springs is a great place to live if your a sports fan for many reasons.

This town offers a bit of everything. From major college football at the Air Force Academy to Olympic Training Center. From the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo to major college hockey at Colorado College and the Air Force Academy, you can get your sports fix at any time of the year. There is always a sporting event to attend in Colorado Springs.

Everybody likes a winner! It's what drives ticket sales and fans' passion. We are spoiled here in Colorado Springs. At the Air Force Academy the football team is coming off two bowl seasons, the hockey team has won back-to-back conference titles and the basketball team has been to the Big Dance twice in the last five years. Colorado College has advanced to the Frozen Four twice in the last six years, and the Sky Sox are carving a path to the PCL playoffs this summer.

Troy Calhoun, Frank Serratore and Scott Owens are not only great coaches, they are tremendous leaders of young men and are a great asset to our community who add a touch of class to Colorado Springs. Let's face it... Sports figures play a vital role in bringing attention (good and bad) upon a city. These guys are terrific figure heads for the city.

A wealth of talent has called our town "home" over the years. The Sky Sox continue to feed the Rockies top-level talent, just as they have done for over a decade. A large percentage of the 2007 World Series team were Sky Sox players at one point in their careers. Todd Helton, Brad Hawpe, Aaron Cook all have played a vital role in the rich tradition of Sky Sox baseball. We all witnessed them before they were big league stars. At Colorado College, we have had the pleasure of watching budding NHL players carve the ice at World Arena like Tom Preissing, Marty Sertich, Mark Stuart.

The local stadiums in Colorado Springs offer the fans the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with the game and the players without the headaches of massive crowds, obnoxious fans or traffic jams. The price is right too. Ticket prices make the game accessible for families who want to take in ballgame or two, three or four.

Yes, Colorado Springs has a ton to offer. But being so close to other options is a HUGE plus. The NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL is just an hour's drive away.

#7 - FANS
Sure we have die hard fans of local teams here in Colorado Springs... but what makes living in this town fun from a fan's perspective is the variety of opinions. Being a "military town," people come to Colorado Springs from all corners of the country wearing their passion for their teams on their sleeves. It's fun to experience such passion, but also engage in a debate as rival fans once in a while.

I am so fortunate to live my life so close to the sports world here in Colorado Springs. I get to see and experience things the "average" fan never dreamed possible. Speaking from experience, this is a "gem" of a city. Something we all can be proud to root for!

Until next time, keep living the dream... Jesse Kurtz KKTV Sports Anchor