Girls Softball Game Ends in Parking Lot Brawl

Colorado Springs police are investigating the fight between two high school girls softball teams, reportedly, up to 30 people were involved, and baseball bats were used.

Police say it happened around 8:30 p.m. Monday at the Four Diamond Sports Complex where two club teams, made up of players from Cheyenne Mountain High School competing against players from Wasson High School. The fight started after a player was hit with a pitch and charged the mound. The player was ejected, a coach started yelling, and the umpire stopped the game.

Officers say the fight started in the parking lot after the game. As players and spectators were leaving, an argument and physical confrontation took place.

Two adults and two minors were arrested, and two people hospitalized. It wasn't immediately clear how badly the victims were hurt or if one of them was the girl hit by a pitch. Police did not immediately name those arrested.