KURTZ BLOG: Response To Brandon Marshall

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Recently Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall expressed his wish to be traded on his blog. He wants a new contract because he feels like he's underpaid. In a letter to Broncos Fans, Marshall explains his decision:

*******************From Brandon Marshall's Blog*************************
"To whom it may concern. Life is filled with change, and where I am in my life now change is probably best. It’s hard leaving an organization ran by one of the best owners in all of sports, and someone who’s been there for me through my ups and downs. The hardest thing was hearing Mr. B wish me luck in the future, but we both came to the conclusion that this is probably the best thing for me to grow on and off the field.

I thank the Denver fans who embraced my emotion and play on the field and showing me love every time I step outside my door."
*******************From Brandon Marshall's Blog**********************

I have crafted a response to Brandon in a return letter:

Dear Brandon,

So you think your underpaid? You're right! You're one of the top receivers in the NFL and should be paid as such. However, your issue isn't the man who catches 100 balls/year. Your issue isn't the million-dollar smile under the helmet. Your problem is the guy you see in the mirror when you leave Invesco Field.

The NFL is a business. Owners have an obligation to not only field a winning football team, but to project a positive image. On the field, you demonstrate all that is good. Hard work, determination and a fun human spirit. All that kids should not only admire, but imitate. I have always admired your tenacity and willingness to play hard until a whistle is blown. You NEVER give up on a play, even when things look bleak. So what happens when you leave the field? You're giving up on the Broncos when things get tough? The very team that according to you has "been been there for me through my ups and downs." You owe this this team, the city and state another season of hard work and great play to repay this debt.

That debt has forced the Broncos to re-evaluate your worth as an asset. I don't blame them one bit. Your off-the-field issues are well documented and have created a good amount of doubt in our minds. Some of the accusations may not be true, however, in life, perception is reality. You are seen as a trouble maker. A man who disrespects women. The only way to rehabilitate this image is to prove for an extended length of time that you are a model citizen.

Sure... You can run. You can leave Denver, get paid and live the good life in another city. But running from a problem never solves the issue. In fact, the dark cloud will just hover over your head until the issue is put to bed. You've never been one to run from contact on the field. For once, tackle it head-on in life. Play for the Broncos next season, keep your life clean, and you'll be paid. Not only in millions of dollars, but in love from Broncos fans. You can be an asset to the Broncos and the community. Just Prove It!