Josh Earl Blog: Nuggets Not Ready To Win Title

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There is one thing I can say for sure about the Denver Nuggets, they are undoubtedly the most talented team in the NBA. In fact they have been for a few years now, and they are better this year than ever before. They are bigger, faster, stronger and deeper than every other team in the league including the Lakers. However, with that being said they are still not ready to win a title.

In a series in which they could just as easily be up three games to none, they find themselves down two games to one and needing yet another win in Los Angeles to even think about a trip to the finals.

Their talent jumps out at you whether you are sitting in the arena or watching on television but then again so does their inexperience. Not once, but twice in the three game series the Nuggets made a lazy pass on an inbounds play with less than a minute to play leaving themselves scratching their heads and their fans screaming at their TV.

The Nuggets and Lakers are a lot like the tortoise and the hare, Denver being the Hare. They are a high energy team that likes to go, go, go. The Lakers seem to just coast along until the last minute waiting for you to make a mistake and then they cruise right by for the win.

The Lakers play smarter more disciplined basketball and don't seem to be rattled by the enormity of the series in which they are playing. Denver played their worst game of the playoffs so far and yet still had a chance to win game three.

I don't believe this Denver team has what it takes to recover mentally from this last loss. They might come out with all that high energy in Game four and beat the Lakers to tie the series at two games a piece but I believe that's where it will end.

I could be wrong and hope that I am. The Lakers may have the best player in the league, but Denver is far more talented. The only question is when will Denver's talent and patience align and make them a championship team. It's not too late yet, but time is running out quickly, and the tortoise is about to make its move.

I'm sure many of you may disagree so feel free to share you thoughts below.