KURTZ BLOG: Carmelo is "Mr. Clutch"

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The Nuggets already have a "Mr. Big Shot".... Chauncey Billups, who is so good, he has two nicknames. He is also known as "Smooth."

It's time they have a "Mr. Clutch"... as in Clutch Carmelo!

In the huddle before Carmelo hit the game-winning three pointer against the Mavericks on Saturday night, his teammates were calling him "Clutch."

"I've seen him win a lot of games for us over the years," says Chauncey Billups.

'Melo delivered in a major way on with another clutch performance when it mattered most.

There are few guys in the NBA I would want to have the ball with the time ticking down, and the game on the line. Carmelo has shown the knack to drill the pressure shots time and time again in his career. He did earlier in the season against the Oklahoma Thunder and countless other times when called upon.

I am such a believer in Anthony in the clutch, I was screaming at my television set in Game Three against the New Orleans Hornets... Time was ticking down, Carmelo had the ball with the chance to win the game and give Denver a 3-0 lead in the series. However, upon driving the lane, 'Melo tried to pass the ball to Kenyon Martin. Luckily, he recovered the ball and forced a poor shot which ultimately missed. The Nuggets lost the game 95-93. I was furious because 'Melo didn't just free himself to take the big shot. Quit trying to pass the ball, and shoot the rock! It's not being selfish when you hit the shot... and he usually does.

Mr. Clutch redeemed himself in Game Three against the Mavericks with an important game-winner, reaffirming my belief that he is the guy who Denver should rely upon in crunch time.

Chauncey Billups said Saturday night that "nicknames are earned, and he is very clutch."

"Smooth" just nailed another "Big Shot." Right on the money when talking about his teammate, Carmelo "Mr. Clutch" Anthony.

Until next time, keep living the dream..... Jesse Kurtz KKTV Sports Anchor/Reporter