McDaniels Addresses Cutler Trade

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Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels says he wanted things to work out with quarterback Jay Cutler but that the feeling wasn't mutual, so he had to be traded.

In his first news conference in Denver since the rift developed more than a month ago, McDaniels said it became clear in the last week that the Broncos had no choice but to grant Cutler his trade request.

"We just felt as an organization that we got to a point that it was made very clear to us that we were not going to be able to get to a resolution where Jay Cutler could be on our football team," McDaniels said.

However, McDaniels said he doesn't have any regrets.

"It could have worked out," he insisted. "As I mentioned a week ago, it was going to require a two-way commitment...(but) it was clear to us that there wasn't going to be a two-way commitment."

The drama with Cutler began to unfold when Denver flirted with trying to acquire Matt Cassel, McDaniels' star pupil in New England. Cassel was traded to Kansas City instead, but feathers were already ruffled.

"I don't know where the blame lies, or if there is blame," McDaniels said. "Obviously, it was a situation where communication became an issue. At that point, it started to get progressively worse. But, I understand the player's mind-set. I understand that he wasn't happy with what had happened or transpired."

The Broncos sent Cutler and a fifth-round pick in the upcoming draft to the Chicago Bears on Thursday for two first-round picks, a third-rounder and quarterback Kyle Orton.

"Kyle Orton's won in this league. He's tough, he's smart," McDaniels said. "He makes good decisions, he's accurate with the football, and we're excited about having him on this team."

McDaniels said Orton will compete with Chris Simms for the starting job. He also didn't rule out taking a quarterback in the draft.