Cutler and Favre Share Similarities

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New York Jets coach Eric Mangini said there are similarities in the arm strength of 39-year-old Brett Favre and Denver's third-year quarterback Jay Cutler. Mangini said he also can see differences.

The Broncos play the Jets in New Jersey on Sunday.

"I think their styles are different," Mangini said. "I think Favre is more of a pocket quarterback than Cutler is, while Cutler can get out and really makes some moves."

"They both have the potential to be able to take over a game," Mangini said. "That's where the line stops."

Cutler said there were other areas of comparison.

"We both take chances, we both throw into tight coverage, we make some throws that we probably regret," Cutler said. "That's been his style, and it's hard to completely change your style at this point."

Rating Favre Among The Elite

Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan doesn't normally like to get into subjective discussions or compare current players to some of the great ones of the past. He made a rare exception when asked about Favre.

Shanahan was asked if Favre rated with the elite quarterbacks to play the game: Joe Montana, John Elway and Tom Brady.

"You just look at what he's done -- wins, touchdown passes and yards," Shanahan said. "I don't know what people would not speak of him in some of the big names."

Favre is the NFL's all-time leader in touchdown passes (462), completions (5,622), attempts (9,105) and yards passing (64,122). He has directed his teams to a league-high 168 wins.

Cutler Not An Underhand Type, Yet

Favre has thrown passes with his left hand, underhanded, by pushing the ball with the motion of a two-hand set shot. Cutler said he has never done any of that during his relatively short playing career.

"I haven't done the underhanded, left-handed or any of that stuff yet," Cutler said. "Maybe in the years to come."