Marshall Promises No End-Zone Antics

Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall is out of the end zone antics business, preferring to leave the choreographed celebrations to others.

Marshall halted a plan at the last second to pull out a black-and-white glove in tribute to President-elect Barack Obama after a late touchdown at Cleveland last Thursday. He reached for the glove from his pants after scoring the go-ahead touchdown with just over a minute left in Denver's 34-30 win.

But Marshall's intentions to honor Obama's victory and how far blacks have come in the last 40 years were interrupted by fellow receiver Brandon Stokley. Stokley rushed him and persuaded him not to do it.

Marshall says the Broncos couldn't afford a 15-yard celebration penalty and he's grateful to Stokley.

And Carlos and Smith recently told The Associated Press they appreciated the gesture, saying Marshall's heart was in the right place.