Bell Returns To Broncos With No Baggage

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Forget Rudi Johnson's swiped luggage. In Mike Shanahan's eyes, Tatum Bell carries no baggage.

The Denver Broncos coach says he judges the free-agent running back by what he's done, and -- quote -- "Tatum did a great job for me."

Yesterday, Shanahan signed Bell to his second stint in Denver. Bell is a fifth-year running back who played three seasons for the Broncos before being traded to Detroit in March 2007.

He was captured on camera removing two Gucci bags belonging to his successor when he was released by the Lions on September 2nd. But he says he's patched things up with Johnson, with whom he shares an agent.

He did acknowlege, though, that he feared the embarassing incident had spelled the end of his NFL career before the Broncos came calling this week.

The Broncos turned to Bell after losing all five of their tailbacks, leaving rookie fullback Peyton Hillis as the last man standing in their battered backfield.