Olympic Cyclists Rip USOC

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The Olympic cyclists who wore masks at the Beijing airport are seeking the ouster of the U.S. Olympic Committee executive who they say humiliated them and bullied them into making an apology.

Three of the four cyclists ripped Steve Roush for the way they were treated after their arrival at the Beijing airport, where photographers snapped pictures of them in their masks. The cyclists described Roush as angry and condescending and said he told them they had disgraced the U.S. delegation.

They told reporters Monday that Roush had told them in Beijing they had 2 1/2 hours to draft an apology or they could be expelled.

Roush wasn't available for comment, and USOC officials were in no mood Monday to extend the life of this uncomfortable story.

The USOC sent a letter to the athletes Sunday acknowledging some mishandling of the situation and encouraging the athletes to reach out to the USOC if they had any other concerns.