Sky Sox Military Appreciation

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Colorado servicemen and women received a big ‘Thank You,’ at Security Service Field Wednesday night.
Members of the military past and present got into the game for free.

For the pastime that’s All-American, the Sky Sox audience on Wednesday night was a group that stands for America. It was an open house for part of the nation’s home team.

Soldiers, Airmen and any service member were welcome.

For making a major commitment and sacrifice, the game was a small thanks from a grateful community. Wednesday’s Sky Sox was for free and in person, rather than transmitted via satellite to a post overseas.

“We get a couple games now and then over there, but this is the best there is,” said soldier Brad Bygness.

Bygness is set to deploy to Iraq for a year. In a matter of weeks he’ll say goodbye and family trips to the ballpark will be impossible.

“It gets us out with other people and gives us some fun,” said Brad’s wife Kaela.

For that reason, every pitch, every hit, every moment is one that is precious.

“It’s nice, but [the deployment is] coming soon,” Kaela said. “It helps to get the mind off of it, but it’s coming soon.”

At the end of the night, Colorado Springs’ home team spent a few hours playing for their home team.

As an additional thank you to military families, game sponsor TriWest Healthcare Alliance also presented a check of $20,000 Wednesday before the first pitch. The money will go to the Fort Carson Army Community Service Fund.