Parking For U.S. Senior Open

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Practice rounds continue at the Broadmoor for the U.S Senior Open. Spectators are already making their way to the event for a sneak peak on what they'll see later on this week. Getting to the front gate is no walk in the park.

The Broadmoor isn't easily accessible, forcing golf fans to park at South Academy and Drennen Rd, which is nearly 8 miles away from the Broadmoor.

Dozens of buses out of the Douglas County School District are going back and forth picking up and dropping off spectators.

Most passengers don’t seem to mind the 15 to 20 minute ride.

"It was very well organized. it was great. It was fast," said spectator Dave Buckley.

Parking closer to the venue is simply not an option for general admission golf fans.

“There’s no place up here to make it closer,” said bus driver Cheryl Betchke.

As many as 150 thousand spectators will step on the grounds of the Broadmoor for the 29Th U.S. Senior Open.

Things ran smoothly today, but the tournament doesn't officially begin until Thursday.