Chacon Clears Waivers; Contract Terminated

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The players association today filed a grievance over the Houston Astros' release of pitcher Shawn Chacon -- a former member of the Colorado Rockies, and a native of Greeley.

The union says Houston's decision to terminate Chacon's contract was without just cause.

Chacon cleared waivers and was released yesterday -- five days after a physical altercation with general manager Ed Wade in the Houston clubhouse.

The 30-year-old pitcher was suspended after shoving Wade to the floor before the Astros played Texas last Wednesday. Wade says he'd asked Chacon to go into manager Cecil Cooper's office for a meeting.

Chacon refused, and the confrontation ensued.

Chacon had a 2-million-dollar salary this year. The decision to terminate the contract means nearly $984,000 won't be paid.