Big Time Bronco Pride

Miles away from Denver sits Invesco Field at 2810 Mile High Street. On Pueblo postal routes, it's known simply as 2810 High Street.

It's Ethan Sisnero's home, but he's spent the last 15 years dedicating it to the Broncos. His roof is blue, his shutters are orange, and two large Bronco logos guard the front door. It's now something of a Pueblo landmark

"Everybody knows it as the Bronco house!" says Sisneros.

Inside he's built a Broncos shrine around his 70 inch big screen TV. He plans on taking his place in his favorite chair to watch the game, and expects the house will generate some game day exitement.

"You get a lot of people honking. Honking and driving: Broncos! Yelling. It gets pretty crazy game day," he says.