3 Losses do What a Scandal Couldn't

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It's over for Gary Barnett at the University of Colorado.
Barnett reluctantly stepped down as football coach Thursday. He accepted a $3,000,000 settlement, ending a tenure that was riddled by off-the-field problems but ultimately done in by recent bad results on the field.
Barnett says the decision was made by athletic director Mike Bohn.
He concedes he's disappointed in the school's decision and that as little as three weeks ago he was looking forward to a contract extension. But Colorado lost three straight games by a combined score of 130-to-22.
Barnett says his team was overly concerned about a contract extension, but ran out of juice at the end of the season.
Bohn thanked Barnett later, and says he'll do everything he can to bring a good coach in to replace Gary Barnett. A search will begin immediately.