Sports Bars Jumping With Basketball Fans

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The sports bar is a basketball fan's friendly confines.

"The atmosphere, the big screens, that's where it's at," said Bryce Kellerman.

The game is on most every screen.

"This is the first game I've seen all year," said Kecia Seyb Thursday night.

There are other televised sports to see too if customers look hard enough.

It's close to the action, without having to pay for a ticket.

Gabbi Carranza greets a crush of people who are willing to cough up to spend some time at one of the seats at Buffalo Wild Wings. Each one, arguably is one of the best in town.

"You get used to the rush. It's exciting to be here," Carranza said.

How much is spent, she said is as varied as the teams the fans cheer for, although the bottom line looks better for servers who might just be more in tune with their customers.

"If they wear the right shirt with the right people who love that team they make good tips!" Carranza laughed.

The more intense fans are willing to bring valuable equipment to make sure they're on top of everything.

"When you're playing your 10-year-old son and your dad it’s rough business," said Jay Miller from behind the tournament bracket pulled up on his laptop.

A recent study showed, aside from buying a round of wings and drinks, some fans will spend anywhere from $5 to $100 or more to play in a pool this year.

By the final bucket, some said spending a few bucks is well worth a little March Madness.

"They're here for the basketball. The wings are good, but they're here for the basketball," said Paula Joyce.

Bars across the country are expected to bring in the March Madness cash right up until the end of the tourney on April 7.