Yahoo! Sports Apologizes For Story Alleging Broncos Cheating

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Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday said it retracted a segment of a story that alleged cheating by the Denver Broncos and apologized to coach Mike Shanahan, whose attorney said ends the matter.

"We apologize for any embarrassment that the Sept. 13, 2007 Yahoo! Sports story `Ancient Antics' has caused for Mike Shanahan," the apology on Yahoo!'s Web site reads.

It later adds: "Yahoo! has stringent editorial standards in place to prevent this type of error, and we regret the lapse in our protocol that allowed this to happen."

Yahoo! Sports editors removed the paragraph Tuesday after Shanahan's attorney sent a letter Feb. 26 demanding a retraction, calling the allegations "completely untrue and without foundation" and "defamatory and libelous."

"Coach Shanahan was happy with the apology, the retraction, and acknowledgment and considered the matter over," said Harvey Steinberg, Shanahan's attorney.

The nearly six-month-old article, written when the videotape cheating scandal involving the New England Patriots dominated the news, had been cited by various media outlets in recent weeks.

Without citing sources, the paragraph alleged the San Diego Chargers added security on a hill next to the team's practice complex because Shanahan hired spies to videotape the Chargers' practice.