Is Air Force Going Independent?

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Air Force is the only service academy currently affiliated with a conference. They've been a member of the Mountain West since its inception in 1999, but at Tuesday's weekly press conference, head coach Troy Calhoun laid out other possibilities.

Calhoun indicated that Air Force should look at the possibility of leaving the Mountain West and becoming an independent. Calhoun says schools like Army, Navy, and Notre Dame have a freedom that conference teams don't have. They can schedule all of their own games and can lock up a bowl bid before the season even starts.

The Mountain West tells 11 News that teams in the Mountain West are members at will, meaning they can choose to leave at anytime. However, if one team goes, they all must go, meaning the football team can't leave the Mountain West without the rest of the schools sports going as well.

Air Force Athletic Director, Hans Mueh had the following statement on the issue:

"We have no intent of interest in leaving the Mountain West Conference. It's been a great association for us and given us opportunities we would never had had without being a member. The benefits from being in the conference go beyond just athletics."

"I think coach Troy Calhoun's comments today come out of concern for his team being bowl-eligible and the possibility of not having an opportunity to participate in a post-season bowl game. He is so passionate about this program and its players that he wants what is best for them. It's that passion and commitment that attracted us to him."