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It would be a shame to spend too much of the day by yourself because you're in such a convivial and outgoing mood. Ideally, you should get together with some friends or with close members of the family. If you're involved in an activity in your local community today, you'll receive some welcome compliments. Be prepared to be chatted up by someone who's rather smitten by you. Great for the ego!


If you're out shopping today it will be very difficult to restrain yourself if you see something nice. You'll want to buy it and will struggle to resist the temptation. Can you afford it, or won't that make any difference if you want it? You could also be seized with the inspiration to do some decorating at home or to buy lots of food for a special meal.


Yesterday was rather a trial, but you're now back on form, so put the entire experience behind you. One of the best ways to do this is to get out and about, giving yourself a change of scene and getting lots of fresh air at the same time. Enjoy a shopping trip, especially if you can combine it with a social event such as meeting a friend for lunch.


You'll value having some time to yourself today, particularly if you can do things that matter to you but which aren't necessarily very important to anyone else. How about giving yourself some pampering, whether that means soaking in the bath while reading a good book or treating yourself to a session in your local beauty salon? You'll enjoy spoiling yourself.


It's been a difficult week and you need something to cheer you up. So how about getting together with some friends or taking part in a group gathering. It will do you good to be with some kindred spirits, especially if you're all united in a common cause. Alternatively, set aside some time in which you can immerse yourself in a favourite hobby.


You'll be happiest if you can be left to your own devices today, and even more so if you've got lots of things that you want to get on with. If you're at work you'll feel a quiet sense of satisfaction at what you're able to achieve. But whatever you're doing, this is a good day for having a quiet chat with someone you regard as a father-figure or a mentor.


Get in touch with friends you haven't seen in a while, especially if they live abroad or in another part of your own country. You might want to ring them up, or send them an email or a letter. Maybe you could arrange to meet up? You'll enjoy having something nice to look forward to.


This is a terrific day for taking stock of your current position, whether you're looking at your ambitions, your finances or both. Maybe you should write down a list of everything you've achieved recently, and everything you've still got to do, so you can see exactly where you stand. It's also a good day for making investments in conjunction with a partner.


You're in the mood to be surrounded by interesting people today, especially if they come from a different background or culture. You're intrigued by what you can learn from them so you'll instigate some wide-ranging conversations. Travel is also on your mind today, and you might fancy booking up a forthcoming trip, such as a long weekend or your next holiday.


You're at your most practical and efficient today, so it's good news if you're at work because you'll be very pleased with what you achieve. You'll also find it easy to get on with colleagues and clients. This is a good day to spend money on items that will make your life run that little bit smoother, such as a household appliance or kitchen gadgets.


It's time to cheer yourself up by doing something nice. Try to get together with people who always make you laugh or who boost your confidence because they think you're a superstar. If you've been fretting about a certain someone during the past couple of days, you'll start to see the situation in a more realistic light. It probably won't seem half as bad.


If you did very little yesterday, this is a good chance to catch up. It will be surprisingly enjoyable to get on with the chores, and you'll feel you're actually achieving something as each task is ticked off your list of things to do. If you feel inspired you might fancy cleaning out the fridge or emptying the freezer to see what gems are lurking forgotten in the back of it.

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