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It's Valentine's Day and you're in a very chatty mood. You aren't feeling particularly romantic, so you may have to force yourself to be more loving than you feel. Your mind is working well and you'll enjoy thinking up some plans for the future. If you start talking to a friend, it will be difficult to stop and do anything else.


It may be Valentine's Day but you need to keep your mind on professional and other work-related matters. You can relax and be romantic later on, but first you need to make a stunning impression on a certain person. You'll do well in any sort of meeting or interview, provided you don't let your tongue run away with you. Let the other person have their say, too!


You're terrific company at the moment and this Valentine's Day is no exception. Being so popular is doing wonders for your ego and you'll blossom whenever you're under the spotlight. You're also in a very chatty frame of mind and will happily ramble on for hours, but do let other people get a word in every now and then.


Hooray! It's Valentine's Day and you're feeling pretty upbeat about your chances of getting some romantic cards and presents. Of course, it's always nice to give as well as to receive, so here's hoping that you've brought a blush to someone's cheek! This is the perfect day to analyze your feelings about someone special, but dare you tell them how you feel?


Right on cue for Valentine's Day, the planets have arranged a marvellous day for talking about your feelings. It's also good for simply having a long chat with your other half, so you can both catch up on the gossip or talk about whatever concerns you at the moment. However, make sure that you listen as well as talk, and hope that your partner feels the same, otherwise what should have been a conversation will be more like a monologue. And where's the romance in that?


There isn't as much romance around as you'd like, which is a shame given the date. It seems that instead of being caught up in sweet nothings, your hands are full with work-related topics. You may also have to spend more time than you'd like listening to a colleague who doesn't know when to shut up. Break it to them gently that you have other things to do besides listening to them.


You're in a romantic frame of mind this Valentine's Day, so if you haven't yet got you-know-who a card it's not too late. You're in the mood to express yourself, so you could even be inspired to write your beloved a poem or love letter, rather than sign their card with a question mark. Why be cryptic when you're feeling so eloquent? If you're without a special person in your life at the moment you'll enjoy watching a romantic film or reading a love story.


Home and family matters keep you fully occupied and provide plenty for you to think about. You might have a long chat with a relative, or maybe it's more a case of them talking at you non-stop while you try (and fail) to get a word in edgeways. If you're suddenly seized with the urge to talk until you're blue in the face, remember that your audience will appreciate being given the chance to utter the odd word every now and then. Don't make it a monologue!


Will it be a happy Valentine's Day? It certainly looks that way, whether you receive a lovely card in the post or a romantic phone call. But don't make it all one-way traffic - you must reciprocate! Once that's out of the way, you'll be happiest when you're nattering away to all and sundry about whatever happens to pop into your head. In fact, it will be hard for you to shut up, but try not to dominate the conversation if other people have something more important to talk about.


If you love someone, say so this Valentine's Day. It's the perfect opportunity to speak from the heart and talk about what really matters to you, so don't be afraid of opening up. The only snag comes if you start talking and don't know when to stop, because that won't go down very well with the other person. So make sure they get the chance to say what they think, too.


You're in such a chatty mood this Valentine's that it will be a miracle if you can do anything but talk! There's just so much to say! As a result, a quick chat with someone will turn into a long conversation and a phone call could work out a lot more expensive than you bargained for. Although you'll enjoy nattering away about whatever pops into your head, you should make sure you aren't stopping someone from talking about something that they consider to be much more important.


There are lots of secrets in the air today, so keep your ears open if you want to hear something. Mind you, if you're hoping to keep something a secret yourself, the last thing you should do right now is tell anyone about it. Even if they promise that their lips are sealed on the subject, there's a strong chance that somehow they'll manage to reveal the whole thing. This may happen accidentally rather than deliberately, but even so your secret will be out in the open.

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