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Your brain will really appreciate being given some intellectual exercise during the next couple of weeks. You might get involved in a project that stretches your mental abilities to the full, or which makes you view a situation from an entirely different angle. You'll also enjoy taking part in activities that have a humanitarian slant.


Your thoughts turn to long-term goals from today, putting you in a very ambitious frame of mind between now and mid February. You might want to have another look at your new year resolutions if you've let them slide recently, or plan your strategy if you want to get ahead at work. Another consideration is to think about getting some more qualifications.


You're filled with curiosity about the world from today, and want to find out as much about it as possible between now and mid February. So where are you going to start? You might even be inspired to enroll in a class or course that will add to your existing qualifications, in which case you'll have a fantastic time. It might also introduce you to a whole host of new friends.


The next two weeks are the perfect time to think hard about your finances, and especially about the ones you share with other people. For instance, maybe you should check the bank statements on your joint account in case they contain errors or you're paying out for things you don't really need. You also need to think about your long-term savings, especially if you haven't yet started a rainy-day fund. There's no time like the present!


Communication is the key to better relationships during the next couple of weeks. This means doing your best to say exactly what you mean, rather than simply hope that others catch on, and also to really listen to what you're told rather than simply let it wash over you. This is also a great time for taking part in discussions or negotiations because you're keen to see all points of view.


Your thoughts turn in the direction of your health and general welfare today, and you'll continue to ponder these topics for the next two weeks. Virgos have the reputation of being hypochondriacs, although you aren't like that, are you? Even so, it's good to think about ways in which you might improve your physical well-being or to seek an expert opinion if you're worried about something.


You're in a very outgoing mood and it shows. Get together with some of the people who brighten up your life because you'll soon return the favor. You don't have to do anything very special to have a good time -- simply being with someone you care about will make you feel good. Mind you, you'll jump at any excuse to put on your party clothes so maybe you should do something special after all!


Your thoughts turn to the past today and you'll remain in a reminiscent mood for the next couple of weeks. This is great for looking back on your life so far, perhaps with the help of some treasured photos or other keepsakes. You might even be inspired to make contact with some old friends that you've lost contact with, just to see how they are. However, think twice before getting in touch with old flames because you could be playing with fire.


You're very talkative during the next couple of weeks and love chatting to whoever happens to be around. It's a great opportunity to catch up on your correspondence, whether by snail mail or email, and also to get in touch with people you haven't seen recently. But do make sure you listen as well as talk, even if you haven't said everything you wanted to. Give the other person a chance to get a word in edgeways!


Like a true Capricorn, you're very capable and practical today. And you'll get the chance to show off your talents, too when someone asks you for advice or a recent success puts you in the limelight. If you're hoping to get a better job in the next few weeks, set aside some time now to brush up your CV or compose the perfect letter of application. It will be time well spent.


Your thoughts turn to personal matters from today, and that's the way they'll stay for the next two weeks. This is your opportunity to examine your life and think things through, especially if you're currently trying to decide what you want to achieve in 2015. However, at times you'll have to drag your thoughts away from yourself and towards other people, otherwise they'll be perfectly justified in accusing you of being too wrapped up in yourself.


You're already feeling as though you're one step removed from the people around you and you become even more distanced from them today. This self-absorbed phase will last for the next two weeks, giving you the chance to ruminate and meditate on the course your life has taken over the past year. Your dreams are more significant than usual, so write them down and study them at your leisure. They hold the key to all sorts of personal mysteries.

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