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Your social life could be blighted by misunderstandings or confusion today, so be warned. If you've agreed to meet someone, they may never turn up because of a mix-up over the venue or time. If you do manage to get together with a friend, they could be in a muddle over something or their conversation might not make much sense. You'll have to make allowances for them.


Where's all your energy gone? You're feeling lethargic and lacking in confidence, and you want to have as lazy a day as possible. This is great if you can put your feet up and do nothing, but can you? You'll have to make a big effort if you've got to go to work, so make sure that your listless mood doesn't invite criticism or suspicions that you don't have your eye on the ball.


You're fascinated by alternative or unusual ideas today, especially if they have mystical, spiritual or bizarre connections. You might also flirt with the idea of getting more involved in something like astrology, yoga or crystals, whether or not you decide to follow up your interest. When in doubt, follow your gut instincts because they could be surprisingly accurate.


If you're a typical Cancerian you usually have no problems in handling money, but it's a different story today. Instead of being self-assured and knowing what you're doing, you're assailed by doubts and uncertainties. Sadly, you may also have to cope with someone who isn't as honest as they seem, so don't take everyone solely on face value.


Sadly, it's almost impossible to rely on a certain person today because they're either not around or not making a lot of sense. Or perhaps that's what they think of you at the moment? Relationships are slightly tricky today simply because it's difficult to work out what other people want from you, and vice versa. Try to avoid reaching any important agreements in case they fall apart at the first hurdle.


Have a blitz on the housework today. You'll enjoy creating order out of chaos and having a big tidy-up, especially if you can throw away a lot of stuff you no longer need at the same time. Don't forget to go through the contents of your fridge and freezer in case any overlooked items of food are slowly turning themselves into potential agents of biological warfare!


You're in a romantic dream world today and you won't welcome any rude interruptions. You want to stay cocooned in your happy little bubble, far away from any problems and difficulties, and preferably with someone who puts stars in your eyes. If a new relationship gets off the ground today it will always be characterized by a slightly otherworldly quality, which may or may not be helpful.


Once again you're thinking along domestic lines, and today you're in the mood to check that everything is running smoothly at home. That means you might decide to check that electrical appliances are working properly, and to do something about them if they aren't. You'll also want to unravel any family problems before they reach crisis point.


This is a good day for getting to the bottom of a mini mystery because you're longing to discover what's going on. This might be a strange little puzzle connected with a neighbor or close relative, or something odd connected with yourself. It could even be a detective novel that you're longing to finish. You won't rest until your curiosity has been satisfied.


Be careful when spending your money today because you aren't your usual canny self. Instead, you might be duped into buying something you don't need or which isn't suitable for you, or there could be a mix-up over how much something costs. You should also watch out if someone gives you a big sob story that makes you reach for your wallet. They may be genuine, but then again they may not.


Your mood is going up and down like a Yo Yo at the moment, and sure enough you're feeling slightly below par again today. You don't have as much energy as usual and so everything seems more of an effort than normal, or perhaps you're experiencing a crisis of confidence. Ignore any negative self-talk, such as telling yourself you'll never achieve what you want to do.


You're the soul of compassion and consideration today, which will win you lots of fans. You might even go out of your way to help someone who's going through a difficult patch, although you're unlikely to make a big song and dance about it. You'll also appreciate having some time to yourself, so you can catch your breath and have a restful interlude.

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