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Wednesday July 27

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You're at your most dynamic and energetic, making you reluctant to sit around doing nothing. It's a day for being fully occupied, especially if you can concentrate on personal projects rather than those that involve other people. It's a good opportunity to finish off any such projects that you started with good intentions but which have fallen by the wayside since then.


You're always wrapped up in home and family, but today you're feeling rather anxious about them. You might be worried about the welfare of a loved one, or there could be difficulties about your home. Don't exaggerate the problem, because that will only upset you and stop you taking constructive action. Think things through and keep calm.


Patience! It's one of those frustrating days when things don't go the way you want, and you have to cope with delays, disappointments and setbacks. There's little you can do about such things right now, except take them on the chin and be philosophical. If you're travelling on public transport, take something to read in case you're held up.


More haste, less speed! It won't take much for you to work yourself up into a major flap if you have one eye permanently on the clock and you're trying to get everything done in time. The trouble is that doing everything so quickly is almost bound to lead to silly mistakes and possibly even to some butter-fingered moments. So try to calm down!


Sadly, your spirits take a bit of a nosedive today, and you start to see the gloomy side of things. Do your best to rise above this downbeat mood, or you'll feel really fed up by the end of the day. If you start to feel too pessimistic, remind yourself that things aren't nearly as bad as they seem and that you're probably overreacting.


Have a look around your home and garden today in case you spot something that needs to be mended or thrown away. You're in a fix-it mood and you'll take pleasure from knowing that you're getting yourself organized, particularly if things have been rather chaotic recently. You might also have an in-depth chat with a member of the family.


Why so gloomy? If you're feeling rather low-key and miserable it won't help if you get some bad financial news, such as a hefty bill, or a bank statement that bears grim tidings. Prepare for a delay if you were hoping to receive a payment from someone. A social event might have to be postponed or scaled down, much to your disappointment. What a day! But cheer up, things get better later.


Look after yourself today because you're feeling a bit miserable. It won't take much to make your mood take a nosedive and end up trailing somewhere around your ankles. The trouble is that you're feeling very pessimistic and you're turning any minor glitches into major headaches. You may also be pole-axed by a lack of confidence or shyness, which won't help.


You're racing around like nobody's business today, and you'll really enjoy yourself in the process. However, it will be difficult for loved ones to keep up with you, which could be the source of some conflict and impatience on your part. Try to take everything at a relatively steady pace otherwise you could become slightly accident-prone.


Yesterday you were on the ceiling with happiness but today you're on the floor and feeling down. What's wrong? Maybe a loved one isn't around when you need them or there seems to be a wall of silence and disappointment between you. Try not to blow it up into something it's not because that will make it harder for you to restore the status quo and forget all about it when the time comes.


Take care of yourself today because you aren't feeling nearly as resilient and confident as you've been recently. Your spirits are ready to take a nosedive and you're showing a tendency to be pessimistic and to feel that everything is conspiring against you. It won't help if someone is emotionally or physically unavailable, because that will make you feel lonely and insecure.


Your self-confidence gets a nice boost today without making you seem over-the-top or too full of yourself. It's exactly what you need if you're going to a job interview or you're taking part in an important business meeting. You'll give a really good impression to everyone who sees you in action. There could also be news about a pay rise or a perk connected with your current job.

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