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Stay active today, otherwise you'll soon start to feel rather restless and agitated. There are lots of ways you can do this, whether you visit the gym for a serious workout, go for a brisk walk at some point, jog round the block or turn the household cleaning into an exercise session. You might have an interesting conversation with a close buddy, as well.


If you want a quiet day you should avoid getting involved in anything to do with money or belongings. It's a recipe for trouble, with people becoming possessive or acquisitive. You'll also run into difficulties if you want to limit someone's emotional or physical freedom, especially if you're worried about what they might get up to when you're not around. Don't do it!


A friend has a lot of get up and go, and they'll soon persuade you to join them in their latest scheme or idea. They might entice you to go down the pub with them, out for some coffee or to join a group that they belong to. You can't see any reason not to do as they say, especially if you're feeling slightly bored and restless. You could do with a little excitement!


You're eager to get moving and achieve something today, preferably while working by yourself so you aren't distracted by anyone. It's a great day for showing off some of your talents, because you'll be able to do so without being big-headed about it. Make the most of your current quiet confidence, and don't for one moment imagine that all your efforts are going unnoticed.


You're feeling very loving, affectionate and compassionate today. This means you're prepared to give someone a second chance if they've upset you recently. It also means that anyone who's lucky enough to be near you will be sure of basking in plenty of your irresistible Leo warmth. This is a key day for romance, even if you weren't expecting it.


Someone dear to your heart has very strong ideas about what you should and shouldn't be doing today, which will soon get on your nerves. You're feeling everything very deeply right now, which gives an increased intensity to your emotions and makes you likely to go off the deep end over the smallest little problem. Try to get a grip on yourself!


You're raring to go and will enjoy being busy. It's a great day for planning a forthcoming journey because you'll have the energy to sort out lots of little details and also to chase up anything that's overdue, such as your tickets or replacement passport. If you get drawn into a discussion you'll quickly get on your soap box, so be warned!


It's another day for looking into your finances, but this time you need to do it in greater detail. Get to the bottom of any mysteries or snags right now, while they're still fresh in your mind. Don't let anyone fob you off with lame excuses. If you're suddenly gripped by pangs of jealousy, beware, because they'll make you behave irrationally and selfishly.


Maybe the tensions of the past couple of days have finally got to you, but you're certainly poised on a knife-edge of emotional drama. If you're tense and frazzled, don't take your raw emotional state out on whichever poor sap happens to be around. Far better to admit how you're feeling to yourself and, if necessary, keep away from everyone until you feel more relaxed.


Your energy is flowing well no matter what you're doing. You'll be happiest if you can cruise at your own fairly fast pace, without having to downshift to accommodate any slowcoaches. At home you'll want to keep active, so how about combining cleaning the house with a general work-out?


Who's a big softie, then? You're feeling all gooey and sentimental today, and your emotions will never be far from the surface. You'll enjoy spending time with some of the special people in your life, especially if you're doing something that means a lot to you. You'll get a kick out of indulging your creative spirit, perhaps through an artistic activity.


Someone dear to your heart is being a bit of a pain today. They're throwing their weight around as though they're really important and you don't count at all, and they may also be trying to control you emotionally. Perhaps they're relying on emotional blackmail to get their own way or they're using other not-so-subtle tactics, but you don't like it. And you won't get anywhere trying to match might with might, either.

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