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If you want a relaxing, easy day you should keep friends and finances as far apart as possible. Mix the two together and the result is likely to be confusion, muddle and even some bad feeling. If you're unlucky you might discover that someone is trying to rook you, but it's more likely that you're both distracted and therefore prone to making silly mistakes over money.


Someone's in a very defensive mood, making them edgy and tense. Unfortunately you may be experiencing something similar, making you liable to bite someone's head off at the slightest opportunity. If you give in to this feeling, you'll soon have a full-scale row on your hands, even if it's about something trivial and silly. So keep your sense of humor and don't allow yourself to get too rattled or huffy.


Certain persons are in a mighty picky mood. They might correct everything you say, until you feel you daren't open your mouth, or they could criticize your behavior. Well, that's how it seems to you, although they've probably got a very different opinion about what's happening because they think you're being far too sensitive and subjective. Are you?


It seems that all yesterday's hassles haven't entirely melted away, because you're still feeling agitated about them. Clear the air with the other person, rather than keep your feelings to yourself. But don't let your tongue run away with you, or you'll end up saying more than you intended and hurting someone's feelings. Is it worth so much aggro?


Someone gets bogged down in petty, small-minded details today, which is guaranteed to get on your nerves. They may also be rather nit-picking or they could insist on doing everything by the rulebook, much to your frustration. However, if you start a row with them you'll be arguing the toss for ages because they won't let the matter drop.


It's easy to speak out of turn and to say the wrong thing today, especially if you do it in the heat of the moment. So try to keep a grip on your emotions and don't let your mouth run away with you. You might also get caught up in silly, trivial details that don't really matter but which seem terribly important to you at the time.


Be careful when handling money because there's plenty of scope for mistakes. Unfortunately there's also a chance that someone may try to trick you in some way, or at the very least be economical with the truth. Double-check your next credit card and bank statements to make sure they don't contain any rogue payments or silly errors.


Details, details! A certain person is obsessed with them today, which will soon start to drive you round the bend. They may also criticize you for not paying enough attention to the things they consider to be important. Do your best to keep track of your belongings because you'll waste hours searching for them, and then discover they were under your nose the whole time.


Do you have too much on your plate today? It's looking that way and you'll soon start to feel edgy and fraught. Try to concentrate on whatever is most important and urgent, and to give it your full attention, otherwise you'll be distracted by thoughts of all the things you still have to do. It will also help to have frequent breaks so you can stay mentally fresh and alert.


Someone's got a very sharp tongue today and you don't like it. Mind you, you'll probably give as good as you get, because the alternative is to take a tongue-lashing without uttering a word in your own defense. But try not to get so caught up in the heat of the moment that you say things you'll bitterly regret when you've calmed down again.


You don't have a lot of energy today, so take things gently. Maybe you're worn out after the emotional trough of the past couple of days? Do something that makes you feel good about yourself, and try to avoid anyone who's combative, aggressive or just plain hard work. You can't cope with them at the moment! You'll also feel better if you can be near or in water.


It feels as though your brain has been dismantled and left in different corners of the room. You simply can't get yourself organized and you may also be overcome by tiredness and lassitude, so you can't be bothered to make the effort to do anything very much. This is fine if you don't have to do anything important but it's not such good news if people are counting on you. But you won't let them down, will you?

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