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You're very impatient about getting what you want, and you don't want to wait for it! This could make you rush straight to the head of the queue if you're out shopping, or you might be very persistent in getting the attention you need from loved ones. Try to keep all this in proportion, otherwise you may behave in a rather demanding and self-centered manner.


Energy is coursing through your veins and you're raring to go. So what do you intend to do with yourself? You need to keep on the move today, otherwise all that dynamism will turn into burning impatience, followed by a bout of irritation that will quickly lead to spats with others. Watch out if you're driving because you'll be very tempted to go over the speed limit.


It's a strange day. You're feeling rather agitated and irritable, and all sorts of little things get under your skin. However, you may not be able to lose your temper, perhaps because it's an unfortunate situation or because the other person refuses to take the bait. Get rid of this pent-up angst by doing something therapeutic and physical, otherwise you'll feel tense all day long.


Money matters loom large again today, Cancer. You need to think about them in some detail, especially when considering how to finance some of your plans for the future. Right now, it may look as though you don't have enough money to do some of the things you'd like but don't panic yet. You should also avoid going over details time and again, or you'll get completely bogged down in trivia.


A certain someone is under a lot of pressure today, making them speak to you rather sharply. Or is the boot on the other foot and are you the one who's verbally lashing out in all directions? If you're trying to keep track of lots of details, try not to get bogged down in minutiae because that will only slow you up and drive you round the bend.


Mind your Ps and Qs today. It's one of those difficult days when it's hard to say the right thing, especially if you start to feel agitated or annoyed. You might tread on someone's toes by mentioning something they find offensive or accidentally blurt out something that was meant to remain a secret. Be careful if you're with anyone who's very staid or prim because you'll be tempted to say something shocking.


A loved one is in a bit of a state today. They might be very upset about something and need you to stand by with the tissues, or they may have got themselves in a flap and need you to calm them down. Be careful if you're spending money today because you may not realize how much you've parted with until it's too late to do anything about it.


Someone isn't thinking clearly. Maybe they have their head in the clouds or they're distracted by thoughts of something else, so they're with you in body but not in spirit. You won't get much sense of out of them until this mood has passed, so it will be a waste of time expecting them to behave any differently. You're in a spacey mood, though, even if you aren't aware of it, especially if your thoughts keep straying to a certain person.


Someone's in a tearing hurry today and they want everyone else to function just as quickly. If you're the person with one eye on the clock, try not to let your impatience get out of hand because then you'll be wasting valuable energy on panicking about getting everything done in time. If you're on the receiving end of someone's chivvying, there's only so much you'll be able to take before you lose your temper.


You're blessed with an abundance of energy, so make good use of it. You certainly shouldn't sit around doing nothing unless you have no choice in the matter, because that will soon start to make you feel agitated, restless and irritable. Even going for short walks or running up and down stairs will help to burn off some of your excess energy and keep you sweet-tempered.


Be patient, because someone isn't thinking straight today. They've got their head in the clouds and it's difficult to get them to come down to earth long enough to make any sense. Maybe they're distracted by thoughts of the past or wrapped up in a family matter. Mind you, you may also be less logical and clued-up than you imagine right now, so avoid important decisions because you might struggle to think them through.


You're in a bit of a rush today, aren't you? Too many things to do at once, which could result in some irritating accidents or mishaps. Be very careful when driving because you could be tempted to go too fast or to take foolish risks. You might also bite someone's head off if they say the wrong thing when you're busy, so try to take things easy.

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