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Money is likely to be a source of friction today, especially if a certain someone is feeling very envious. There could also be tension if you owe a friend some money because they'll be agitating to get it back. If you don't think much of a mate's partner, this is not the day to say so unless you want to have a blazing row about it.


Someone is being very direct and to the point, and before long you may decide that they're being far too blunt for your tastes. However, there could be reasons why you can't stick up for yourself, perhaps because you're so intimidated by this person or because you simply haven't got the energy to confront them. This will make you even angrier, so take care.


A potent cocktail of nervous energy and adrenalin is swirling around your system and it needs to be released in positive ways, otherwise you'll soon start to climb the walls. Get as much exercise as possible and try to introduce plenty of variety into your schedule. You should also be careful when handling hot or sharp objects in case you become accident-prone.


You long for some excitement in your life today and it certainly looks that way, even if you aren't expecting anything to happen. Ideally, you should do things on the spur of the moment so you feel spontaneous and free. Visit somewhere you've never been to before or talk to someone who has a completely different take on life to yours.


The atmosphere between you and the rest of the family is anything but restful. Someone seems to be on the warpath and they won't relax until they've had at least one good argument. This will be rather trying if you're on the receiving end of their bad temper, but there's a strong chance that you're actually provoking them in some way. Maybe you'd like an argument too but you don't like to admit it to yourself?


Someone is dashing around like a cat chasing their tail, but how much progress are they making? They're probably spending more energy on being in a hurry than they are on the activities they're involved in, so they'll end up feeling frazzled and tired without having achieved very much. Take note if this sounds like you, because you'll find it very frustrating and will take out your anger on whoever happens to be with you at the time. Which is hardly fair, is it?


There are two things guaranteed to get right up your nose today- money and romance. Maybe they'll come together with a nasty clash when you disagree with a loved one about what they can spend their money on or you disapprove of their values. Is this the only thing that's bugging you or is something else at the bottom of your current bad mood?


Someone dear to your heart is in a terrible mood. They're aggressive, scratchy and only too quick to jump down your throat. What's bugging them and does your behavior have anything to do with it? Make sure that you aren't winding them up and then being outraged at the consequences. You obviously need to have it out with them but don't say things that will make the situation worse than it already is.


If you're a typical Sagittarian you don't like it when things are too ordered and predictable, but you aren't good with complete chaos, either. Well, today should suit you down to the ground because you'll have just the right blend of surprises and predictability. Someone dear to your heart will keep you amused and entertained, but without making you want to tear your hair out or lock them in a darkened room.


Try to avoid mixing money and friends unless you want to have a shouting match. That's because someone isn't being very reasonable or fair. Now, before you point your finger at the other person, you should bear in mind that you might be the one who's at fault. Could this be possible? Are you bearing a grudge about something or determined to prove your point, no matter how disruptive this tactic turns out to be?


You're in a bit of a hurry today, aren't you? You want everything done in double-quick time, which could be a problem if you have to deal with someone who can't match your pace. You'll soon get irritated with them, which will make them all fingers and thumbs, and then you'll get even more cross than you were already. So maybe you should ease off the pressure a little? Even if it's really urgent you won't help matters by turning bright red and yelling your head off.


There's only so much of the same old routine that you can take and you're quickly reaching your limit. So try to do something different at some point today, even if it's only altering your usual lunchtime menu. If you haven't got anything to look forward to you should organize something pronto. How about a short holiday or a visit to a far-off friend? The idea of travel really appeals right now.

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