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Mind how you go because you're rather accident-prone right now. You might drop something precious (and let's hope it doesn't land on your foot) or not look where you're going. A busy schedule will also mean that you're distracted and likely to lose your concentration at the vital moment, so take care. It will be very annoying if you delete an important file from your computer.


People are being unpredictable and you don't like it. It's the sort of behavior that makes you uncomfortable, and you may even tell yourself that they're doing it on purpose to annoy or unsettle you. They aren't, of course, and they may not even realize how much they're upsetting you by chopping and changing their minds every two minutes. Relax and let them get on with it.


You long to assert your individuality today, especially when faced with someone who wants you to keep up appearances or follow tradition simply for the sake of it. Right now, you're gripped by the urge to turn your back on the past and to ignore convention, and the more restrictive such things feel the more determined you'll be to go your own way. You might cause quite a stir.


It's one of those days when you find it hard to settle down for long, because you're feeling restless and you're easily bored. You'll also quickly get fed up with people who are very predictable or who have only one topic of conversation which you've heard so often you could almost say the words with them. Ideally, you should do something totally spontaneous and slightly madcap.


Boredom can lead to an awful lot of financial trouble today, so watch out. You've got a short attention span today, making it hard to focus on anything for long, and sooner or later you'll decide to liven things up by spending some money. The trouble is that you'll buy all sorts of items that aren't really useful or suitable, and which may even be a total waste of your cash.


You're in a restless mood today, making it difficult to settle down to anything for long. This unsettled atmosphere will make you feel edgy and ratty, so once again there could be some raised voices before the day's over. Try to pre-empt this by abandoning your usual routine and doing something totally different or spontaneous for a change. But the more rigid your day's schedule is, the more agitated and discontented you'll feel.


You might think that nothing can go wrong with routine activities, but you're about to discover that this isn't always true. Yes, it's one of those days when things don't turn out the way you were expecting, even if you're doing something that's such a habit you could almost do it in your sleep. Machinery and technological equipment might also let you down, much to your dismay.


Much as you love someone, they have a knack of rubbing you up the wrong way and getting on your nerves today. They're also determined to do their own thing and assert their independence, even if it's really inconvenient for everyone else. If you get really annoyed with them for this, it may be because you'd secretly love to follow their example and be less concerned about what people think of you. Is that really so impossible, Scorpio?


The merest suggestion of constraints, rules and regulations is enough to make you want to rebel in the most dramatic way you can think of. You refuse to be tied down or restricted in any way, which is fine if you've got the luxury of being able to do your own thing. However, it isn't such good news if your job depends on toeing the line and doing what you're told. You'll have to find less controversial and destructive ways of letting off steam.


If you're a typical Capricorn, you enjoy tradition, because it means you know where you are. But today you long to break out and do something completely different, especially if it raises a few eyebrows. You don't want to shock anyone rigid, but you don't want to come across as completely predictable either. So try to be a free spirit whenever possible and do things on the spur of the moment whenever you get the chance.


Keep a firm grip on your money today, because it's one of those expensive days when you're easily bored and want to spend your way out of trouble. It's all very well if you're only buying yourself something inexpensive, such as a magazine or cup of coffee, but will be you able to stop there? One thing leads to another, as you continue to look for financial ways of keeping yourself entertained.


Someone is being unpredictable and difficult today, so be warned! Happily, this disruptive mood will soon pass but in the meantime you'll have to cope with someone who seems to be going out of their way to be unruly, rebellious or totally contrary. Or are you the person who fits this description? If so, ask yourself what the point is that you're trying to make and whether there are more constructive ways to go about it.

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