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Your temper is never far from the surface today, making you likely to go off the deep end whenever anyone annoys you. Try to reserve your anger for people who deserve it, rather than using the scattergun approach in which everyone gets peppered with barbed comments. If you want to make an official complaint, you'll do it well provided that you aren't sarcastic.


There have been problems recently when dealing with people who are older or more influential than you. You've doubted their word or even wondered what on earth they're talking about, and you get a repeat performance of all this today. Once again you'll be at cross purposes with each other, unless you can make a massive effort to spell everything out as clearly as possible.


There have been question marks recently over someone's ability to tell you the truth, and they're raised once again today. Should you believe them? Are they deliberately lying to you? Or are they unaware that they're only giving you half the story? You don't yet know but you should tread carefully in the meantime. You should also avoid creating any sort of confusion yourself.


Be careful what you say or do, especially if you're hoping to keep something under wraps. That's because you could easily blurt out the very facts you had intended to keep secret, much to your annoyance. Do your best to avoid getting drawn into a gossiping session because once again you might let a few cats out of bags without meaning to.


It's been difficult to communicate properly with you-know-who recently but today you get the chance to set the record straight and sort out any misunderstandings between you. Don't be too proud to be the first one to say sorry, even if you secretly don't think it's up to you to do so. You might also have a conversation with someone who's very flaky or unworldly, or who seems to be living on a different planet from the rest of us.


Watch out for someone who's being very bossy and dictatorial today. They may not intend to be this way but that's how they're coming across to everyone else. Take care that you don't behave in the same way, especially if you've got a lot on your plate at the moment or you're trying to work towards a deadline. You may feel fraught but that's no excuse for making other people's lives a misery.


Words spoken in haste could come back to haunt you, so be very careful before speaking. You're agitated and annoyed at the moment, but is that really an excuse for taking out your irritation on other people? Maybe you should reserve your ire for the person who deserves it? There could also be a contretemps over someone's jealousy or possessiveness to contend with. What a day!


There's an awkward atmosphere between you and someone today. It's easy to wind each other up and start bickering, and this tension will continue all day unless you can do something to break it. Maybe you should have a proper argument so you can get it out of your system, but avoid being sarcastic or deliberately hurtful because that won't help matters one bit.


There's tension in the air today, especially where a certain person is concerned. Maybe they think they know best and keep giving you unsolicited advice or, quite simply, they're bossing you about. Or are you the one who keeps setting others straight and telling them where they're going wrong? Let's hope not because it will irritate everyone like mad.


Someone's being awfully snappy and crotchety today, using words like weapons, so try not to get in the firing line. If you're the one who's shooting from the hip and giving everyone a hard time, do your best to work out what's bugging you and then do something about it. But you won't have any friends left if you carry on like this!


Be on your guard when handling money today, because things aren't always what they seem. For instance, you might misread the price tag of something and only realize your mistake when you've got the item home and re-read the bill. Sadly, there's also a chance that someone might try to dupe you, so keep your wits about you. And keep a close eye on your belongings, too.


You're feeling irritated with certain people and you need to have it out with them rather than bottle up your feelings, even if it will cause a difficult atmosphere for a short while. Use the opportunity to say what you think, but don't turn it into an unfair slanging match or a chance to score points off one another.

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