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You have a very enquiring mind and you'll enjoy giving it some exercise. Your idea of heaven is curling up with a book that you can't put down, or watching a riveting television program that keeps you on the edge of your seat. There might also be a mini mystery connected with a loved one, making you long to get to the bottom of it all.


End the month on a practical note by checking that your financial arrangements are running smoothly. No, it's not the most exciting thing you could be doing but it's necessary, and you'll be glad to know what's going on with your money. If you need to sort out a problem, do it now while you're in no mood to be fobbed off with lame excuses.


You have a very enquiring mind, making you eager to get to the bottom of any mysteries or puzzles. You certainly won't be fobbed off with easy answers or lame excuses, and you'll enjoy doing some detective work so you can find out what's really going on. However, try to avoid giving anyone the third degree if it isn't absolutely necessary.


Your mind is as sharp as a razor, so put it to good use. You have great reasoning abilities today, which are just what you need if you want to puzzle something out or show off your brainpower at work. If you're worried about a health or job problem this is a great day for doing some research. You'll enjoy tracking down the facts.


Don't underestimate the power of your thoughts today. You're able to think about very deep and important subjects, yet without getting bogged down in them or losing all sense of perspective. If you're currently trying to get a creative project off the ground this is an excellent day for plotting your strategy and troubleshooting any difficulties that you're facing.


You need to get to the bottom of a mystery today, and you won't rest until you've got all the answers. That's fine, provided that you don't start to interfere in things that are none of your business, or give someone the third degree because you think they're holding out on you. Keep all these investigations under control, even if they have whetted your appetite to know more.


This is a terrific day for doing some constructive thinking, particularly if you want to change certain areas of your life and you've been wondering how to go about it. You may not get all the answers straightaway but you'll certainly start to get a glimpse of the direction you're heading in. If you don't like what you see, you'll have to take control of things and do what you can to take a different path.


You're ready to give your brain a good work-out, especially if you want to consider your current job position or your financial status. You're keen to look below the surface to what's really going on, even if you may not like what you find, because you want to get at the truth. If you realize that you need to make some changes in your life, these won't seem as threatening to you as they might at other times.


Do some troubleshooting now while you're eager to think things through and examine them from every angle. Your brain is razor sharp at the moment so no one can steal a march on you or trick you in some way. If you get chatting to someone who comes from a different background or culture you'll want to know all about them, but beware of sounding as though you're prying or being nosy.


This is a brilliant day for examining your financial arrangements to make sure they're alright. For instance, maybe it's time to switch to a credit card with a lower rate of interest, or perhaps you're paying too much for your mortgage and you can get a better deal elsewhere. Do some research because you'll enjoy feeling that you're actually getting somewhere.


Make the most of your considerable brainpower today, especially if you want to get to the bottom of a puzzle or mystery. It might help to talk things through with a certain person, or to write down your thoughts so you can work your way through them systematically. It's also a good day for thinking about how you can turn a plan for the future into a solid reality.


It's a fabulous day for doing some trouble-shooting, especially if you're hoping to solve a problem connected with your work. You'll enjoy gathering all the facts together and then getting to the bottom of what's going on. It's also good for thrashing out difficulties with other people, so you all get the chance to have your say and listen to one another's opinions. Something constructive will come out of it.

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