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You'll really enjoy playing with words, whether that means thinking up jokes that has everyone in stitches, pitting your wits against a crossword puzzle or putting your thoughts down on paper. It's certainly a brilliant day for any form of communication because you'll find it so easy to say what you think. Children will be fun to be around.


A member of the family is being very garrulous today, so be warned.... once they start chatting, it will be difficult to shut them up. That's fine if you have the time to listen to them but it's not such good news if you're dashing around trying to cram too many activities into too few hours. If you get involved in a family discussion, bear in mind that everyone will be feeling rather emotional or huffy, so you'll have to choose your words carefully.


You have a great deal to say for yourself today, and there will be times when you don't want to draw breath. Don't be reluctant to let anyone else take over the conversation, or this is where the problems begin. If you want it to be a conversation, rather than a monologue, why not allow other people to participate?


This is a good day for making up for yesterday's excesses, especially if you overdid the food and drink. Maybe you should spend the day having nothing but mineral water and grapes, or perhaps you'd prefer a quiet lie-down. If you can work up the energy you'll enjoy having a blitz on the cleaning or tidying, and it will be good to chuck lots of things away that you no longer need.


You're in a very thoughtful mood today, especially about personal concerns. Actually, you won't want to think about anything else, so it's bad luck on anyone who was hoping to talk to you about themselves because you simply won't be interested. You may have to disguise this fact, though, or risk accusations of being self-obsessed.


This is a day for being left alone with your thoughts. You're in a very reflective and contemplative mood, so it will be difficult for you to snap out of it and become extremely chatty and sociable. There's a lot you need to mull over in private, some of which may be painful and difficult, but you'll feel better for having done so.


Spend time with friends today, especially if you want to sort out any difficulties or misunderstandings that have sprung up between you lately. You'll soon be able to discuss them and iron them out, so everyone knows where they stand and there are no hard feelings. It's also a great day for sorting through the equipment you need for a favourite hobby, to make sure it's all working properly and nothing needs mending.


This is a great day for taking care of any situations or pieces of equipment that need to be fixed. For instance, maybe an appliance that you use for work is starting to behave oddly, in which case you should either get it mended now or replace it. The same goes for any difficult circumstances at work. You need to fix them now before they get any worse.


You're in a very intense mood today, making you take everything more seriously than usual. You're also looking for deep and meaningful encounters with other people, so you won't be interested in what you see as superficial conversations when instead you could be discussing the meaning of life or trading psychological insights. You could learn a lot, but don't lose your sense of humor in the process.


Someone isn't being very logical today. They've allowed their feelings to get caught up with their ideas, so they've lost their objectivity and insight. This could make them difficult to deal with, especially if you're talking about topics that are bound to arouse heightened emotions or stir everyone up into a frenzy. Do your best not to get swept up into this maelstrom of emotion yourself, although that will be easier said than done.


You really value your friends today, Aquarius, so spend as much time with them as possible. Maybe you need to talk about what happened yesterday, whether it was good or bad, or perhaps you simply want to enjoy their company. You'll take all your relationships quite seriously now, but without getting too heavy or emotionally demanding.


Spend time sorting out your working environment today. That might involve tidying up your desk, deleting unwanted files from your computer or doing a lot of filing. In other words, it's a day for routine maintenance, to make sure that everything runs efficiently and to catch any potential problems before they have the chance to get any worse.

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