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Create a good impression on others today, so they see you as someone who is jolly, convivial and gregarious. Well, you're all of those things, of course, but try not to take them to extremes because that might not be appreciated. At some point you could encounter someone who seems larger than life but who becomes overpowering after a short while.


You'll really enjoy a trip down memory lane today, or anything else that puts you in a nostalgic and sentimental mood. Why not look through some old keepsakes, or sort out your photograph albums? It's also a great day for staying at home and relaxing in front of the television or lazing in the garden.


Once again, you'll be happiest when you're around other people. You won't care what you chat about, as long as you're talking about something. Mind you, it's highly likely that a friend will want to confide in you, so do your best to listen. You may also spend a lot of time on the phone, so keep an eye on the cost.


On the whole this promises to be a very enjoyable and easy-going day, in which everything works out well for you. Try not to go overboard where your home and work are concerned. For instance, you might get carried away and take on too many commitments or start a task that you can't finish because it's so ambitious. Have fun instead.


You'll enjoy giving your brain some exercise today, although it doesn't have to be in any formal way. For instance, you might read a newspaper article that really makes you think or you could watch a television program that sparks off your curiosity about something and sends you scurrying off to the internet or an encyclopedia to find out more.


It's a good day for talking about things that really matter to you, especially if you want to carry on from where you left off yesterday. You'll find it easy to marshal your thoughts, so you'll be analytical and precise. If there are outstanding bills that need to be paid, sort them out now while you're thinking along such practical lines.


A certain person is overflowing with enthusiasm today, which is good fun at first but could start to pall after a while. This person could go overboard, or will behave as though whatever has excited them is the best thing to happen in the entire history of the world. He or she may also try to rope you into getting involved as well. Be warned, and then you can have your excuse ready!


Spare a thought for anyone who's feeling a bit rough or unwell at the moment. They'll appreciate it if you can pay them a visit, give them a ring or even send them a jokey card. You'll also enjoy looking after your loved ones, even if all you can do is make them a cup of tea or give them a hug. If you're feeling tired you'll enjoy some water therapy, such as a long, leisurely bath.


The fun isn't over yet because you're still in a lively mood after yesterday's antics. It will be good to give your brain some enjoyable exercise, such as testing your knowledge in a quiz or competition. Any form of travel will be entertaining, too, and you'll value having a change of scene. After all that, you'll enjoy a trip to the cinema or theatre while you have the energy.


You're in such a great mood, you won't want the day to end. Feeling optimistic and sunny-tempered, you're ready to see the light at the end of any tunnel you happen to be facing. The only snag is that you could get carried away with enthusiasm about something, especially if it could cost you money in the process.


You're full of consideration for others today, especially if they've been going through a hard time recently. You'll want to do something to help, even if it's only lending an ear while someone tells you their troubles. Right now you want to make the world a better place, but watch out for the slight possibility of thinking this makes you a special person.


If you're a typical Piscean you're kind-hearted at the best of times but you're even more considerate today. It will be difficult for you to walk past someone holding a collecting tin without putting some money into it, or you could be inspired to become a volunteer for a charity that you like to support. Alternatively, you might decide that charity begins at home, and that a loved one needs your help.

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