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Grab A Whistle!

Posted: 04/07/2014 - The next time a crook calls and tries to scare you into wiring him money, grab a whistle!

Hooked - (Stacia Naquin)

Updated: 10/11/2013 - I'm SO CLOSE to being able to do a pull-up. So my trainer introduced something new into my training.

Vacay Calorie Burn - (Stacia Naquin)

Posted: 08/06/2013 - Even if you don't plan to workout on your vacation, you may be surprised at the calories you're burning without even trying!

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Check Your Horoscope


The atmosphere between you and a certain someone is undergoing some subtle, but major changes. The more sensitive you are to emotional undercurrents, the more aware you'll be of what's going on. Today you might also encounter someone who has a lot to teach you, whether by example or through direct experience. They may even end up being a mentor for you.


Think big! You're capable of making important and far-reaching changes to your long-term goals today, provided you have the necessary vision and self-belief. Although you won't get anywhere if you indulge in ridiculous fantasies that haven't a hope of coming true, nor should you restrict yourself to modest plans if you know full well that you're capable of achieving so much more. So be prepared to dream a little.


Do you believe in the benefits of creative visualization? Let's hope so because it will work in some wonderful ways for you today. If you don't fancy that, then write down a list of everything you want to happen in your life and concentrate hard on turning them into reality. Some of your ideas may sound far-fetched to others but right now you're prepared to believe in them one hundred per cent, and that's exactly what you should be doing.


You're full of hope and brimming with faith today. It feels absolutely wonderful because you're convinced that everything is going to be all right, and you're also happy to take what people are saying at face value. However, if you're busy with a property or financial deal you shouldn't be too trusting because that could lead to problems. For instance, it might encourage someone to exploit you in some way.


A relationship really blossoms today, bringing the two of you closer together and establishing an even greater rapport than before. You might even get an inkling of why you were destined to meet. However, you need to remain as realistic about this as possible, because it will be tempting to indulge in fantasies or read too much into the situation.


Be very careful when spending money today because it will be tempting to talk yourself into parting with more than you can afford to spare. For instance, you might persuade yourself that you can afford to buy something very expensive, and completely ignore the effect it will have on your bank balance. If you're considering applying for a new job, be realistic about your prospects and also about what's being offered.


A little optimism won't go amiss today, although you should stop short of raising your hopes too high or indulging in wild flights of fancy. Even so, taking a positive attitude towards a loved one will have a huge impact, as will placing your faith in them. If you meet someone new now they'll seem larger than life, or you'll be fascinated by their mystical or spiritual aura. But don't imagine that they're something they're not!


A spiritual experience or profoundly emotional encounter has the power to touch you deeply today and put you in a very contemplative mood. You'll enjoy feeling that you're connecting with something outside yourself, and it will put an entirely different perspective on your day. However, it will be difficult to come down to earth, so be careful if you're involved in a property deal because someone could take advantage of your high-minded mood.


Your faith in a certain person is renewed now, as once again you discover plenty in them to admire, cherish and love. All the same, you must try to keep at least one foot on the ground otherwise you'll view this person in such an idealistic light that you'll inevitably be disappointed later on when you realize they aren't so perfect after all. So do your best to remember that they're just as human as you and me.


This is a marvellous day for investing money in schemes or projects that will give you a good return over the next few years. However, you should make absolutely certain that you've got all the information you need first, and also that you're taking a realistic view of the possible risks as well as the benefits. It's no good just hoping for the best because you may be ignoring some important considerations.


What an amazing day! You have tremendous faith in someone or something, filling you with a strong belief that everything will work out well in the end. You might have a powerful religious or spiritual experience, which gives you inner strength and comfort, or feel convinced that a certain person won't let you down. This is great, but try not to get carried away and become foolishly optimistic or complacent.


It's important that you remain realistic about your prospects today, otherwise you'll soon get carried away and start to believe in your own wishful thinking. This is even more important if you're sorting out a big financial matter, because right now you'll talk yourself into believing almost anything if it will make you feel better.

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