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Some of your relationships haven't been very easy recently but they're a real joy today. Get together with some of your favourite people, or pair up with one special person, and let your hair down. If you've been flirting with you-know-who but wondering if things would ever go any further, you could have your answer now. The question is when you'll be able to catch your breath!


You're very keen on the idea of relaxing and enjoying yourself today, and you'll try to make that happen even if you've got a stack of work staring you in the face. Ideally, you should get all the chores out of the way before you put your feet up, but that depends on the strength of your willpower and it's definitely looking a bit flimsy!


It's a day for enjoying yourself and being as self-indulgent as possible, and you won't need any persuading to do it. You want to be a hedonist today, even if you're supposed to be doing something very worthy. In fact, the more dreary your scheduled activities are, the more tempted you'll be to go off the rails and have as good a time as you can. A little moderation would be a good thing but, quite frankly, you aren't in the mood for it.


It's a mixed bag today. Although you're still feeling grumpy after yesterday's squabbles, with a few sharp words for a certain person, you're also in the mood to enjoy yourself. You certainly aren't interested in getting on with lots of hard work so you'll struggle to motivate yourself if you're expected to keep your nose to the grindstone. You'd much rather have fun.


Yesterday's tensions rise a couple of notches today, leaving you with steam coming out of your ears. It's a tense, bad-tempered day in which you vie with others to take the moral high ground and feel superior. Do yourself a favor and avoid conversations that center around religion or politics because these are almost guaranteed to stir up trouble and get everyone hot under the collar.


Money slips through your fingers like water today, so watch out. Quite simply, you're in the mood to spend, spend, spend, whether or not you can afford it. And you won't really know when to stop, either, because you'll be having so much fun. Try to restrict yourself to a realistic budget or leave your credit cards at home and only take the cash you're allowing yourself to spend. Otherwise, it could be a very expensive trip.


Yesterday's irritations continue and you're in an even more combustible mood today. It's far better to get everything off your chest than to put a brave smile on things and pretend that nothing's wrong because, if you do this, your behavior and attitude will give the game away and trigger a row. If you do allow yourself to let off steam, though, don't get so worked up that you say and do things that will cause even more trouble.


Chores and duties weigh you down today, making you feel like Cinderella before she was allowed to go to the ball. Try delegating some tasks if you think you've been unfairly saddled with too many, or perhaps you could postpone some of them for a few days. You're feeling angry about all this, but reserve your ire for the people who deserve it.


Money causes problems today because the very subject of cash gets straight up someone's nose. Maybe they think they've got the right to tell you how to spend your money or they believe that they know better than you. It's highly likely that this is all a continuation of yesterday's squabbles, in which case it's about time you sorted out what's really wrong and then cleared the air. But you can't carry on like this.


Yet again you're feeling angry and irritable today, and you struggle to keep your cool. Well, maybe you should stop struggling and let rip? All the same, don't blow the whole incident out of proportion, or get carried away and say the sort of hurtful things that will make you go hot and cold with embarrassment when you've calmed down. As the proverb goes, least said, soonest mended.


You're in the mood to have fun today and nothing less will do. With luck, you don't have to do any work and you can indulge yourself by lazing around doing very little. Unless, of course, you've got the urge to go travelling, in which case you'll feel drawn to places in which you can indulge yourself. The prospect of a spur-of-the-moment break may be too tempting to resist.


This is one of those days when it's almost impossible not to spend money, and plenty of it at that. You could lock yourself indoors, of course, provided you don't have any mail-order catalogues lying around and you don't buy anything on the net either. Even then, you'll probably tell yourself you've run out of milk and will just nip round to the shops, at which point out will come your credit card. It will be downhill all the way from then on, but what fun you'll have in the process.

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