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Tuesday June 28

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What's up? You're in rather a low-key mood and you may also feel as though nothing is going right. Try to rise above all this gloom and doom, because it's one of those days when you have a tendency to be pessimistic and to allow problems to get to you. Family matters are a particular source of concern, but remember that you may be making mountains out of molehills.


A loved one needs a lot of attention today. This may not be very convenient, but you have no option but to do what they want. Work off any annoyance by being busy around your home, and perhaps doing some tidying up or being creative in the garden. If you're shopping for domestic items, it will be tempting to buy things for the comfort they'll bring you.


It's very tempting to get bogged down in trivial facts and figures today, and then to get really annoyed if people dispute them or couldn't care less about them. By all means get totally wrapped up in minute details when you're by yourself because you'll have a whale of a time, but you should try to avoid inflicting them on other people if they simply aren't interested.


There's a clash today between your desire to have a good time and your ability to pay for it. This means you could be drawn to activities that are tempting but too expensive, such as going out to a swish restaurant with some friends and then wondering if your credit card can stand the additional burden that you're about to inflict on it. You should really economize, even though the idea probably won't appeal to you.


It's very easy to get on well with everyone around you now, especially if they're women, with one proviso - you've got to pay them plenty of attention. If anyone thinks they're being ignored or neglected they'll soon make their feelings known and you'll have to dance attendance on them. So keep them sweet to start off with, and then you won't have to spend the rest of the day making them feel wanted.


Something that was meant to remain a secret could come to light today, much to your dismay and possible embarrassment. At least you could reduce the risk of this happening by not even hinting at anything you want to remain under wraps, so you don't have anything to reproach yourself for. Alternatively, you may be asked to keep a secret. But can you do it?


Be careful if you're spending money today because it won't take much to make you part with lots of it. Maybe you're feeling emotionally neglected and you want to buy something in order to comfort yourself, or perhaps you simply can't resist snapping up every desirable item that you clap your eyes on. Unless you're absolutely loaded with cash you might have to impose some strict limits on the amount you spend.


Do your best not to get caught up in piffling little details that distract you from more important matters, especially if you're working on a project you hope will boost your reputation, or put your name in lights. Remember to keep track of important documents, letters and files because you'll waste a lot of time looking for them if you mislay them.


Do you have all lot on your plate today? It will be difficult for you to know what to do first, especially if you let yourself get in a flap or you're being hassled by people who are breathing down your neck. If you're overwhelmed by the amount of work you've got to do, tackle it in order of priority and consider asking for help.


The world feels like a lonely place today, whether or not that's really the case for you. As a result you're feeling isolated and shut off from other people, and you don't like it. Try not to indulge yourself too much in these miserable emotions because they'll only make you feel wretched. Instead, do something by yourself that increases your self-esteem and self-reliance.


A loved one will appreciate it if you make contact today. You might drop in to say hello if you're in the area, or give them a call if you're further away. Basically, they want you to make a bit of a fuss of them so they'll feel special. This will be easier to do than you think, and the results will definitely be worth your efforts.


Maybe it's because it's the end of the month but someone is feeling crotchety and ill-tempered. It won't help if they've got too much work to do or they're drowning in a sea of paperwork, so think about offering to lend them a hand. You'll have to do it tactfully, however, otherwise they might take umbrage because they think you're criticizing them. Get out the kid gloves!

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