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Grab A Whistle!

Posted: 04/07/2014 - The next time a crook calls and tries to scare you into wiring him money, grab a whistle!

Hooked - (Stacia Naquin)

Updated: 10/11/2013 - I'm SO CLOSE to being able to do a pull-up. So my trainer introduced something new into my training.

Vacay Calorie Burn - (Stacia Naquin)

Posted: 08/06/2013 - Even if you don't plan to workout on your vacation, you may be surprised at the calories you're burning without even trying!

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Check Your Horoscope


It's one of those delightful days in which you feel in love with life. Everyone is being cheerful and positive, loved ones are a joy to be around, and you're smiling your head off. If you haven't got much to look forward to at the moment, consider arranging a short break or a weekend away. The prospect of some travel will really appeal to you.


During the past few days you've managed to say exactly the right thing at the right time, which makes what happens today even more frustrating than it would be normally. Instead of being able to choose your words carefully, you're suddenly struggling to keep out of verbal trouble, particularly if someone close to your heart upsets you or makes you feel threatened. You'll say something sharp or unfortunate without even being aware of what you're doing.


Guess-who isn't exactly the most pleasant companion today. They're in a bad mood and they're coming out with some cutting comments that immediately put you on the defensive. Before you lay all the blame for this at their feet, consider how you may be contributing to the situation. Perhaps you're being sulky, provocative or equally sarcastic?


The more details you have to keep track of today, the more likely you are to end up going round in circles. That's because you'll soon get into a muddle, with pieces of paper flying around in all directions. Do yourself a favor and work systematically, starting with whatever is most urgent. You should also give yourself frequent breaks so your mind remains fresh and fully active.


You're blessed with considerable tact and charm today, especially when talking to some of your favourite people. You might have a delicious but harmless flirtation with a friend or enjoy a wonderfully soppy encounter with your one true love. This is also the perfect day for going to the cinema or theatre, or visiting an art gallery or museum.


The better you know someone, the more likely you are to feel irritated with them today. Their funny little habits may leave you totally cold, or you might want to scream if they start retelling a story that you've already heard a million times. Do you have a genuine grievance with this person that needs to be aired, or are you simply feeling exasperated by them?


The more agitated you become today, the more likely you are to blurt things out in the heat of the moment that would have been better left unsaid. This could be anything from a piece of gossip that you were trying not to spread, to a sarcastic comment that really hits home. Don't be too embarrassed to apologize the moment you realize what you've done.


You'll get a lot of satisfaction from a job well done today, so you'll want to put your heart and soul into everything you do. Mind you, the fact that an influential person is watching may have something to do with it! You long to impress them with your prowess and talents, perhaps because you crave their praise or because you secretly find them very attractive.


You aren't being nearly as objective as you'd like to think today, so bear that in mind if you start to attract lots of trouble and strife. You may be acting in a very defensive or aggressive way, even if you aren't aware of it, or you might take a very self-centered view of a current difficulty. Luckily this mood won't last long but you should try to control it in the meantime.


Someone is in a picky and pedantic mood. They're prepared to argue about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin if needs be, and will demand that you back up all your arguments with facts while probably airily making all sorts of sweeping statements themselves. Will it annoy you? You bet it will, but it simply isn't worth getting in a stew about it.


It would be a shame to neglect your social life because it will be so enjoyable. If you can't manage to go out on the town, at least try to get together with someone close for a cup of coffee or a drink. Or maybe you could persuade your partner to take you out? If you're going to a club or organization that you belong to, you could make a new contact.


Someone's favourite occupation today seems to be splitting hairs, and they're doing it with great precision. So much precision, in fact, that your face is rigid with suppressed yawns and you'll soon want to scream. However, the sad fact is that you may be equally pedantic and nit-picking right now, even if you don't realize it, particularly when it comes to red tape.

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