Fort Carson: Soldier Identified In Truck Collision


Fort Carson has identified the soldier killed in a car accident Thursday night not far from Fort Carson.

Pvt. Jordan M. Dubois, 20, died at the scene after crashing his pick-up truck into a tree in the area of Westmeadow and London Green Way, on the southwest side of the Springs.

Before Dubois hit the tree, he reportedly hit a fence and a light pole.

Witnesses described the sound on impact as "an explosion."

At 5:49 p.m. Thursday, Dubois wrote in a Facebook post that he was planning suicide, posting what he labeled "my last picture" minutes later. Friends and family appeared to then initiate a search.

Fort Carson tells 11 News that the crash is still under investigation; at this time, it's not known if it was an accident or intentional.

Dubois, originally of Milwaukie, Ore., joined the Army on February 1 of last year, and joined his current unit--the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division--on December 26. While never deployed, in his brief career he received several awards, including the National Defense Service Medal and Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

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  • by OH WOW!! Location: colorado springs on Jan 11, 2012 at 11:42 AM
    is this really happening in here... My condolences to the families and friends of PV2 Dubois....they always say its the soldiers fault when something goes wrong in the unit. But if this is the kind a leaders that this brigade has, no wonder why, all there soldiers are always stressed out and be filing into the Behavior Health. I knoe my cousin is in 2 brigade...always comes home stressed out or furios..and always tells us how unfit other soldiers appointed as their leader because of their ranks and because they went to cousin has a graduate degree from Harvard Law school. my cousin's passion was always to become a soldier and thats why my cousin joined the army as an enlisted soldier and didnt want to go and I feel sorry for my cousin now I now what all the soldiers in is unit is going thru..POOR LEADERSHIP....someone needs to get the BOOT....
  • by Sharon Location: Colorado on Jan 10, 2012 at 03:41 PM
  • by Heart Broken Location: SW Springs on Jan 10, 2012 at 08:56 AM
    Jordan I hope you enjoy Fiddlers Green. I am sorry the world was not humble like you. May God guide you now. Please send my love to all the Heroes at Fiddlers Green. One Love, all Peace!
  • by disappointed spouse Location: Fort Carson, CO on Jan 9, 2012 at 02:38 PM
    The people who are on here arguing are very rude, a man has committed suicide for one reason or another and unless you have talked to him you don't know what the reason is. There is a family hurting right now and some of you want to argue about spousal support and rank, all kinds of non sense and said to say some of you on here are higher rank and arguing, bottom line this solider and many other solders need(ed) someone to reach out to them. Instead of arguing over PETTY things maybe you should be discussing ways to help these soldiers!!
  • by Epic Fail Location: Purple City on Jan 9, 2012 at 06:25 AM
    The honest free exchange of ideas has fallen victim once again to the perceived patriotism of the fourth estate. All it takes for tyranny to succeed is for....well you know the rest. The last bastion of freedom lies with the press and once you remove yourself from the process, freedom is gone and all that remains is lies.
  • by outrage Location: cosp on Jan 8, 2012 at 04:30 PM
    Tami you need to print this blog and show to everyone you know to help show the problems that are many people with rank protecting themselves and not their soldiers. Not all NCOs and officers are like this CDR on here..
  • by SF Guy Location: Okinawa, Japan on Jan 8, 2012 at 03:08 PM
    I was sitting here reading some of these posts and couldn't believe some of the things people argue about. I'm not from the area and I didn't know this guy, but he's gone now. Bickering back and forth in an online forum doesn't help anything. As a senior NCO in the Army I know there is always an investigation following a suicide or any death for that matter. If there was negligence by the CoC then CID will find out and take appropriate action. So it's pointless to sit around and point the finger. Use the forum for what it's meant for and have a little respect. I don't care if you have freedom of speech. Have a little moral respect. This young boy's family and friends, who just lost a member of their family, have been on here and it's no place for some of the stuff that's being said. I don't care if your an officer, NCO, or civilian. Just have some respect. In closing, as I said, I didn't know this man, but it's always a tragedy when we lose a brother in arms. I pray for his family and hope they make it through this tragedy alright.
    • reply
      by grimaldo on Jan 8, 2012 at 03:39 PM in reply to SF Guy
      CID investigates criminal matters not Command climate. So whatever they find won't come close to what needs to happen. An IG investigation will reveal much and that will not be done correctly unless there is outrage...such as you find on this board, so in fact, this forum actually will help. Lastly, and I do mean to be petty about it, there is a vast difference between "your" and "you're", you should know that given your MOS....admin guy.
  • by Tami Location: Milwaukie,Or on Jan 8, 2012 at 02:38 PM
    This young man is my nephew and we are deeply saddend by all that is being said, reported, and fabricated. We are getting to the bottom of this and an INTENSE investigation will be taking place I asure you all. This was obviously something much more than a soldier that was depressed or sad. I spoke to my nephew daily and knew of the troubles he was having. I know about the things that were said to him and the alleged abuse and mistreatment of his fellow soldiers and this IS NOT OK! I am speaking out to whoever I can as to why my nephew and many other young men and women are slowly taking their own lives because of this!! It is so sad and no family should have to deal with this!! Thank you all who share your love and concern and have my family in your prayers. The loss of my nephew is heartbreaking and I dont want other families to know the pain we are feeling now because their son or daughter os niece or nephew slipped thru the cracks. Thank you.
    • reply
      by karrie on Jan 9, 2012 at 06:11 PM in reply to Tami
      Tami, i have been following this story for a coouple days now and am so saddened for your family! i can not believe the bullying that went on in Jordans unit and that noone saw this coming! I hope the investigation will get rid of these men who think this is ok! It sickens me to know grown adults act like this, you are in the military to support our country, you should really stick together no matter what! Because one day you may have to depend on that man you bullied and harrased! Being the good person Jordan sounded like he was, he probably still would have saved you! My heart and prayers go out to your family! I went through this with my brother in law 3 years ago and it feels like yesterday! stay strong for eachother! you are being prayed for!
  • by BM on Jan 8, 2012 at 11:48 AM
    Now a soldier has been found dead in the barrackes on Ft Carson.
  • by jody on Jan 8, 2012 at 10:43 AM
    I support army wives.
    • reply
      by stewart on Jan 8, 2012 at 10:54 AM in reply to jody
      there is more support for army spouses than there is for single soldiers. which is part of the problem in this case.
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