Arrest on Tape: Chief Photographer Talks About Shooting the Action


You've seen the incredible video. Now hear from the man behind the camera. KKTV 11 News Chief Photographer Mike Petkash says he was in the right place at the right time to get it all on tape.

As we've reported, Colorado Springs police arrested two suspects Tuesday after an armed robbery at an adult entertainment store, and a car chase during which shots were allegedly fired at a Colorado Springs police officer.

A short time after the robbery and car chase, 11 News caught the foot chase of one of the suspects on tape. Watch it here -

It all started at Christal's, a lingerie and adult entertainment store on 2582 South Academy Boulevard around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. The general manager of the store tells 11 News she was called to the scene and told there had been an armed robbery. One employee and two customers were inside the store at the time. Police say at some point during the robbery, one of the employees managed to push an alarm in the store to notify authorities of the robbery in progress.

"When officers got on scene, they saw the suspects jump into a car and try to flee. That's when the pursuit started," says Sgt. Steve Noblitt.

A chase started and cops say the suspects fired shots at the them. The alleged bad guys then ditched their getaway car and ran away on foot.

Both suspects were chased down and caught in a neighborhood on Whitewood Drive, in the area of El Morro Road and South Academy. That's about a mile away from where the robbery happened.

The SWAT team also searched a home at 2002 Whitewood Drive to make sure no other suspects were inside.

Police have identified the suspects as 29-year-old Delvikio Faulkner and 31-year-old Orlando Guevara. They will be charged with attempted first degree murder of a police officer and aggravated robbery. Guevara has been in trouble with the law before, accused of assault, theft and carrying a concealed weapon.

Cops wouldn't say what the two men reportedly stole from Christal's.

Click on the video link at the top of this story to hear from KKTV 11 News Chief Photographer Mike Petkash about what it was like to catch the whole thing on tape.

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  • by John Location: colo springs on Aug 7, 2009 at 09:50 PM
    Nicole, I understand your discontent but you have to realize that most of the gadgets agencies get are through grants and not paid by your local tax dollars. Second maybe that officer was messing off but in another light, that is how we find stolen cars. We go to the troubled areas and start peeping. I will tell you that the failure of 1A really killed the protection of the county. The sheriffs office and the fire depts were impacted so hard by it and are now letting people go from an already short roster. Did you know that the Sheriffs office has only 7 guys on the road to handle the entire county? We bust our butts to do the work but we just cant keep up with such short numbers. I tell you what, the criminals would run if we had the number of Deputies on the road as CSPD does, right now they just run to the county after they hit the city for the crimes.
  • by John Location: Colo springs on Aug 7, 2009 at 09:42 PM
    Clint, you are the knind of person I love to blog with, because when you wrote your first statement I will be honest, I was offended, but I see where you are coming from and I think you see me as well. I will not tell you that everyone who has a badge, should have it but the majority of us love the community and love the job. I grew up with a dad and grandfather in the same police station in Buffalo, Ny. I watched that city eat it self away. I dont want to see that happen here and it is going down the same path. Side note: I would gladly pick you up and drop you or any other citizen off at home and listen to every question, comment or critique. I am not perfect and I love to have people ride with me to give their perspective. I truely believe that I am here to serve you and I love doing it, I love this community and want the best for it. Last note, you know when a car gets beat and just starts falling apart? thats the Impala, the Dodge is a much better vehicle for our work
  • by clint Location: springs on Aug 7, 2009 at 10:00 AM
    John, you'll have to forgive me...I know a little bit about vehicles and vehicle maintenance. I'm not seeing how buying new chargers was cheaper than maintaining the crown vics. Also, if your telling me that we should have twice as many cops, wow! Because their already seems to be sooo many. No disrespect, but in the areas I frequent, if they doubled the staff, then officers would be falling over each other. In regards to the sheriffs, I wasn't addressing them, because I have never seen them sitting around anywhere, I just see them jacking perps! lol, But my statements are merely towards you guys at CSPD. A few of you guys are okay, but most come across as insecure jerks that get off on harrassing many of us colored folks. Nicole, I see CSPD cruising through apartments at 3am just running plates on parked cars all the time in Falcon district. ANd at walgreens. John, I appreciate invite for ride along, but respectfully decline, as I don't want it to end at Las Vegas! (for my comments)
  • by Nicole Location: Springs on Aug 7, 2009 at 04:19 AM
    Clint, you took the words right out of my mouth. That is exactly why I voted no on 1A. This city and the CSPD are all about revnue, not our safty. For example, a few months back my car was broken into in front of my house around 2:30am, around 3:00Am when my boyfriend arrived to work a police officer was sitting in the parking lot running liscense plates on parked cars, while five minutes away my neighborhood is being robbed by some punk a** kids. Thanks alot CSPD! If you dont have enough money to keep police officers on the job, maybe you should return your high tech gadgets that you installed so you won't have to run the plates yourself. Now your really not doing anything but sitting in your car waiting for that money making oppertunity.
  • by John Location: Colo Springs on Aug 6, 2009 at 10:43 PM
    To Clint, I will tell you sir, that if you do your homework, you will see that the level of staffing is less than 50% of what it should be, 2. the dodge charger is a cheaper vehicle to maintain, and the Sheriffs office cant even afford to buy new cars from 2 years ago. If you think we have good staffing, why dont you come do a ride with me, Ill show you my area by myself, I protect every thing north of 94 and east of Marksheffel. I worked 15 hours straight just two nights ago because we dont have squat for man power. You may see me sitting in a parking lot, thats because im writting the reports that I dont want to do on my time off. And just so you know, I have been on the job for 6 years and that 15 hour shift will not be paid over time, we have never been paid for OT because of no funding and the reason you see me sitting looking for a traffic infraction, its because I love the job. I will not delve into your banter of race, come for a ride and make your judgement after.
  • by clint Location: springs on Aug 6, 2009 at 03:51 PM
    To Johns' comment...How can you possibly say we are understaffed for police here in springs, and then complain about 1A not passing? Anyone who drives through springs on any given day or night can see cops sitting in random parking lots just waiting for someone to give them "probable cause" On an average trip from the north side to the south side of town, you can easily spot anywhere from 15-22 cops. Not solving crimes, not helping citizens, but just sitting around waiting to "get someone" for some randon traffic infraction, or, for God forbid driving while black or mexican, or having rims on your car or a system. I have lived in many cities, and I have never been in a city where we have such a SURPLUS of cops that they have time to just sit around and profile people. Yes! I said it. And it is true. Sorry pal, but you are in denial. Also, I am kind of thinking that if the cops hadn't invested in those high-speed dodge chargers with performance chips they wouldn't be so broke.
  • by Chris Location: cs on Aug 4, 2009 at 02:20 PM
    wow all of you that think this is racial profiling need a few lessons in life. STEALING, HOLDING SOMEONE UP AT GUN POINT, AND SHOOTING AT LAW ENFORCMENT IS ILLEGAL FOR ANY COLOR. idiots.
  • by MrsRizzlaG Location: undisclosed location CSCO on Aug 4, 2009 at 11:12 AM
    I remember a time not so long ago (you can actually watch Cops episode reruns of things like there) where the Police DID NOT have a right to search your home if you were home, they had no warrant and you told them they could not. Funny how dumb americans think they've had these rights and been able to no-knock, and enter your home without a warrant b/c they suspect something. Um no, it's all unconstitutional, but these days dobody cares about the Constitution anyway...sad really. Giving all our power to Police b/c we are all so disconnected as a people, so filled with fear and hate of one another we'd rather be "Protected" and treated like helpless, cattle. Wake Up people of Colorado're next!
  • by Gabe Location: Ftn on Aug 1, 2009 at 08:29 AM
    Great job police, nice catch.
  • by Sis Location: Colo Springs on Aug 1, 2009 at 06:24 AM
    CSPD & SWAT did a great job apprehending the perps! Let's hope that the law deals them out what they deserve...AND I really hope that those three victims traumatized by these two people's stupidity get the help and support they need!
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