Sheriff's Office Too Busy To Respond To Calls


The following is a news release submitted by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Friday night.


Beginning around 10:30 this morning, the Sheriff’s Office received multiple calls for service, many requiring a 2-car response, which quickly exhausted all available resources on duty. At around 10:30 am, deputies were dispatched to an address on Cielo Vista in Widefield on a call of a four (4) year old child who was unconscious and not breathing. Due to suspicious circumstances, detectives also responded and were at the location until approximately 4:00 p.m. Within an hour of this call, the Special Weapons and Tactics Team executed a search warrant on Eudora Drive, also in Widefield, stemming from a narcotics complaint. Minutes later, a frantic 911 call was made concerning a man dead in the backyard of his residence in Cimarron Hills. This call ultimately became an unattended death/suicide by hanging and detectives responded. Seconds later, a report came in regarding a fight at Fontaine and Grinnell where at least one involved party was injured and being tended to by medical personnel who were standing by for deputies. At the time of the fight, there was only one unit in the county available to respond and the unit had to be diverted from scene security at the suspicious death. As this is a priority and high risk call involving multiple people, there should have been two deputies dispatched to handle the call but only one deputy responded. When the deputy arrived on scene, the suspect(s) had already fled the area.

During this three-hour period, the Sheriff’s Office had no available patrol units, supervisors, or detectives to respond to other calls received. There were a total of two (2) patrol supervisors and eight (8) deputies working the vast unincorporated area but only seven (7) units because one of the eight deputies is in training. There are certain types of calls where a supervisor must respond, the suicidal party and the suspicious death of a four (4) year old are examples of a mandatory response by a supervisor. Additionally, the entire investigation division was unavailable due to involvement on the suspicious death, a serious child abuse with the child at the hospital, a sexual assault on a child, and the suicide. This is one example of how quickly the Sheriff’s Office resources can be depleted in the county and these circumstances continue to occur with greater frequency.

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  • by Michael Location: s-e co. springs on Dec 9, 2008 at 11:02 AM
    Sheriff officers too busy Ha Ha Seem to be able to find time to pull over cars sliding through unsanded icy intersections!!
  • by Tiffany on Nov 16, 2008 at 02:26 PM
    TK, I agree with you on the fact that the ground troops needed a raise. Our deputies are still underpaid, but what absurd allegations are you throwing around? Without Maketa our county would be in a lot worse shape then it is. He fights for his employees more than they will ever realize. Hopefully we wont have as many layoffs since he is taking steps to help people who are willing to leave on their own with a chance of rehire. Maketa does have an open door policy, since you have the "inside scoop" why dont you go offer up an idea on how YOU would fix it?? To Valerie, name 1 person that has been laid off for speaking their mind or being honest! To those who think tickets fund our office, THEY DONT. They go to a county general fund, not the S.O. fund. Take a look at our budget on, tell me where you think we can cut without taking from public safety. People do not understand how bad things are until the become the victim. I hope it doesnt happen to you.
  • by John Location: Huntz on Nov 16, 2008 at 02:00 PM
    TK, I notice u do alot of ranting on here. Question for you: seeing that you know all the "problems" Have u done anything to fix it? I know you are an employee. Name one person that has been fired for speaking their mind. Name one person who was not given multiple chances to keep their job after making big mistakes. Have u ever even spoke with the chain of command and asked about where we stand with the budget? Or do you just listen to rumors. There are so many things you said that relate to your childish and uneducated manner. Did you really blast someone for giving away gift cards? seriously, sorry for being nice. I bet he bought them with his own money. What would you do if your wife worked in the same field as you? Tell her to quit? why does it matter? Last note, 100k will do nothing to fix a multimillion dollar deficit. Here is your chance to put up or shut up, state your name and tell them exactly how to fix it all. You seem to know everything so fix it!
  • by TK Location: black forest hills on Nov 8, 2008 at 10:32 PM
    Maybe Chief Joe Briester should have given more than gift cards for meeing his stardards. I voted yes on 1A. The ground troops deserved the raise. Sheriff Maketa and his staff are a joke. South you have three cars, north three cars. Call comes in... on arrival you secure the scene. Those who stand around clear. Look I know as a community we need more public servants. In the Office, no one is going to be layed off. Sheriff Maketa indicates he going to lay off 32 positions. Let us see it Sheriff. Show me who you are going to lay off. Now I know the inside scoop. The 2 dare officers are paper positions. The cap of 834 good call. How about laying off the top heavy staff you have. One undersheriff.. 100,000 plus year and his wife a LT. 75 plus oh you guys are buddies. I could go on two other chiefs one John Anderson brought in and the other patrol chief Joe give me a gift card. Repubilcans recall him now. A raise of 6-10 percent was given earlier this year to deputies.
  • by Angry local Location: CC on Nov 6, 2008 at 09:26 AM
    Does this surprise anyone?? All of a sudden its news that the sheriff office cannot respond to every call because of being short staffed? they are going to become more short staffed as the year goes by too. Its called NO BUDGET FOR MORE DEPUTIES... Besides people need to grow up and stop breaking the law..
  • by Valerie Location: Canon City Colorado on Nov 6, 2008 at 09:16 AM
    Its understandable how the Sheriff's Dept is under staffed. They don't want honest people working for them. If you don't give in to their ways, you don't have a job. Alot of them are looking for work elsewhere.
  • by Brad Location: C/S on Oct 13, 2008 at 09:20 PM
    I wonder how many speeding tickets were issued during this 3 hour period?! What a crock! People need to learn to be accountable for their own safety. A 1% tax increase? No thanks, I'll protect myself. Vote no on 1A!
  • by Joyce Kennedy Location: Pueblo on Oct 8, 2008 at 08:27 AM
    On the evening news on 10/7 you aired a brief account of a group named Property Owners Association. I failed to record their telephone # and cannot find it in the telephone book. Do you have it?
  • by me Location: security on Sep 30, 2008 at 06:27 PM
    I have to say, that when I was in a very bad and dangerous situation and was able to alert the sheriffs that I needed help right away, the fact that so many came out to help me and my situation was very much needed. Knowing the situation from the phone call, they responded in mass and it was needed. I often wonder what would have happend if only one showed up, it would not have been as successful as it was. I thank the sheriffs for what they do and how they handle calls. If it weren't for ALL of them that night, I probably would not be here today. Keep it up, and if one more speeder gets away from getting a ticket, or if someones cat is stuck up a tree and they aren't able to respond right away...good chance they are helping those whose lives depend on it.
  • by W on Sep 30, 2008 at 05:48 PM
    I think all the people that are complaining about the miss use of the money by the sheriff should understand that he is doing all he can with what he has. People take for granted 911 service. What would they do if they needed assistance and know one was able to show up. They must be the same people that always say nothing will ever happen to me.
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